Collaboration in the Achterhoek for more bicycle mechanics

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There is a shortage of bicycle mechanics in the Netherlands. In order to increase the number of bicycle mechanics in the Achterhoek region, the Tweewieler Academy, the Graafschap College and the WerkRaat learning and work centre in Doetinchem have entered into a collaboration by setting up a new training course. Bicycle mechanics at Van Raam, Fukadu Tesfai Lujam and Kbrom Tukue Future, participate in this course.

Collaboration between companies in the Achterhoek

It is a combination of different levels of learning. For example, general subjects such as Dutch, mathematics and citizenship and practical lessons. In this way, attempts are made to highlight the talents of each individual.

These practical lessons were developed by the Tweewieler Academy. The programme is seen as a good example of tailor-made education and cooperation between business, government and educational institutions.

In September 2018, the BBL programme (working and learning traject) was launched with 13 enthusiastic participants. Now these participants have the diploma for 'Assistant Bicycle Maker' in their pocket and are continuing to obtain the diploma at level 2.

(Source: Graafschap College)

collaboration in the Achterhoek for more bicycle mechanics
Fukadu was interviewed by the magazine 'Werkt!' of the Graafschap College.

Just like the Netherlands, Eritrea is a real cycling country


Bicycle mechanics Kbrom and Fukadu at Van Raam

Van Raam also employs a number of students from this programme, such as bicycle mechanics Kbrom and Fukadu, both of whom have also obtained the diploma of Assistant Bicycle Maker. Both originate from Eritrea and it is the first diploma in the Netherlands that they have in their possession. Fukadu, Kbrom and the other students of the study programme helped each other by motivating and stimulating each other in both technique and language. Kbrom was interviewed by the Gelderlander and Fukadu by the magazine 'Werkt!' of the Graafschap College to share their experience about this programme.

Fukadu himself is very happy that he has taken this step. Just like in the Netherlands, people in Eritrea have a thing for cycling. That's why he wanted to follow this course. He likes to work with bicycles and he likes working at Van Raam. Now he wants to learn more to get the next diploma. Kbrom also indicates that Eritrea is a real cycling country. Just like in the Netherlands, people in Eritrea are used to cycling to school and work. "We have something with cycling", says Kbrom.

Kbrom (left) and Fukadu (centre). (Source: de Gelderlander. Photo: Jan Ruland van den Brink)

I'm gonna specialize further and get even better


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