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Adaptive bikes by Van Raam

Van Raam is a manufacturer of their own adaptive bikes, using only high quality products, for people with disabilities and people that no longer can cycle on a regular two wheel bike. Read everything you need to know about adaptive bikes in this article.

Adaptive bicycle types

We at Van Raam are specialized in the production of:

All these models, with the exception of the Husky tricycle for children and the City walking aid, are also available as electric bikes.

Adaptive bikes from Van Raam

Our bikes

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Why an individually made adaptive cycle?

The Van Raam tricycles are especially suitable for people who want extra support and stability while cycling. You can adjust every adaptive cycle from Van Raam with many options and adjustments so that it’s a unique piece made for you. Our adaptive cycles for adults can also be equipped with a unique pedal support.
The adaptive cycles are produced with small, medium and also very large frames so that there is a frame for everyone, for children, adults, very small and for very large people.

  • Individually made for your needs

  • unique pedal support

  • Made in the Netherlands

Contribute to the integration of people with disabilities in society.

Adaptive bicycle with pedal support

Since 2011, Van Raam has been using their own electric pedal support system. This system, which consists of the motors, batteries, controllers, a Smart display and software, has all been developed by Van Raam self.

With the Chat transport bike and the scooter bike Easy Go, the pedal support comes standard with the bike. With the other bikes, pedal support is an optional choice. The most unique features of the pedal support is, that you can also cycle backwards.
If you have a pedal support your lighting is also powered via the electrical system, find out how the lighting works in our article 'Lighting via the Van Raam electrical system'. With the starting aid you get extra support to start riding,
Click on the button below to read everything about the pedal support for adaptive bikes.

Pedal support

Peddal support adaptive bike
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Professional advice and adaptive bike test ride

Would you like to ride on an adaptive bike and get professional advice on what bike is most suitable for you? Visit our showroom in Varsseveld or our advice centre in Germany and test our adaptive bikes on the special designed Van Raam test track (In Varsseveld, NL). Is it too far away or too difficult to come all the way to Varsseveld? Take a look at our dealer overview and find a dealer that is closest to you. The dealers don’t have a Van Raam test track, but can give you advice on a the most suitable adaptive bike.

Free test ride

Van Raam manufactures own adaptive bikes

Van Raam has been manufacturing bikes for almost 100 years, with a focus on adaptive bikes in the past 30 years. Nothing is produced in stock, each bike is made individually on behalf of the customers needs.
With well trained and educated colleagues,through continuous innovation, and producing in one of the cleanest and most intelligent factories in the Netherlands, we make bicycles that fit the needs of our customers.

So Van Raam’s mission reads as follows: Van Raam offers sustainable and contemporary mobility to people with a disability.

And, the vision is clear for Van Raam ‘If people with a disability can be mobile and independent for a longer time, they are happier. Van Raam wants to contribute to the integration of people with disabilities in society.‘ Let's all cycle!

See below a few impressions of the manufacturer.

About Van Raam

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Options for your adapted bike

In order to make the most out of your bike and to adjust it expecially on your needs you can choose from various options like, pedal support, a stick holder, direction indicatorfoot fixation and other options.

Even if you are a little heavier, there are also heavy duty adult tricycles. Read more about this in the article Tricycle for heavy duty adults by Van Raam.

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Cycling is healthy

But why is cycling on an adaptive bike healthy? It is good for the muscles and the lungs and it also helps for example with physical ailments. Because cycling is an accessible way of exercise, it is suitable for most people. Read 10 reasons why cycling is so healthy and why you should take a tour with your bike every day: '10 reasons why cycling is healthy'.

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Why is cycling healthy
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