5 questions for Van Raam Premium Dealer Wulfekammer 2Rad-Garten-Zoo Easy Rider


5 questions for Van Raam Premium Dealer Wulfekammer 2Rad-Garten-Zoo

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5 questions for Van Raam Premium Dealer Wulfekammer 2Rad-Garten-Zoo Easy Rider

Jörn Wulfekammer has been the owner of Wulfekammer 2Rad-Garten-Zoo in Mettingen since 2007​. In this article, he answers a few questions so that you can get to know the company better and also find out what makes it so special.Test ride Purchasingdetailed explanationextraordinary experiencefind a solution

1. Why did Wulfekammer 2Rad-Garten-Zoo become a Van Raam Premium Dealer?

Years before I started working with Van Raam, I had been selling adapted bikes from another manufacturer. When our local nursing home needed adapted bikes in 2017, we came into contact with Van Raam. At the time, the nursing home was buying the bikes for their 4 different locations. Through our years of experience with adapted bikes, as well as word of mouth and our good service, the demand continually increased, so that we eventually became a Premium Dealer.

Van Raam 5 questions to Premium dealer Wulfekammer 2Rad-Garten-Zoo Fun2Go showroom

2. How do you help customers who are looking for a Van Raam bicycle?

Test ride
Customers usually call in advance to make an appointment for a consultation and test ride. Of course, customers also come in spontaneously for advice. A good consultation takes at least 1 hour plus a test ride. This can be done directly in our courtyard (no traffic) or on the street/bicycle path. Our advantage: directly opposite us is a residential area with a car-free zone. At 300m distance there is also a slope to test the climbing ability of the bike. We ask what physical limitations there are, what the general state of health is, etc. 

5 questions for Van Raam Premium Dealer Wulfekammer 2Rad-Garten-Zoo Easy Rider

For example, you can try out foot fixation during the test ride. Various other attachments/options can also be tested on request. 

After the consultation, a test ride is usually made, then the bike is configured in our 'Bike Centre' according to the customer's wishes or the result of the consultation, and the customer receives the corresponding quotation. Either the customer orders directly or he calls after a reflection period to place the order. We point out to the customer that the order confirmation from our side will be sent to the customer only after receiving the order confirmation from the manufacturer (Van Raam). Once the bike arrives here, it goes through our workshop or a final inspection and an appointment is made with the customer to hand over the bike. In 99% of the cases, the bike will be brought to the customer and the customer will receive a detailed explanation

We also have Van Raam bicycles in stock and you can trade in a Van Raam bicycle. 

3. How does Wulfekammer 2Rad-Garten-Zoo help customers who already have a Van Raam bicycle?

We also help these customers. We have several customers who already own a Van Raam bicycle and have had various service work carried out by us.

4. What is your best experience of a customer with a Van Raam bicycle?

The experience of selling adapted bicycles is all unique in itself. But all customers have one thing in common: for them, after often years of not being able to ride a bike or not being ablo to ride a bike at all, it is an extraordinary experience that often comes with a lot of emotions. The beaming faces you see on the first ride with the new bike is always a great experience. 

5 questions for Premium Dealer Wulfekammer 2Rad-Garten-Zoo Van Raam

5. What makes Wulfekammer 2Rad-Garten-Zoo unique as a Van Raam Premium Dealer?

We make people with disabilities mobile again and increase their freedom of movement. Through competent, trained and targeted advice, we find a solution so that our customers with disabilities can cycle again. This includes not only the technical aspects of cycling, but also customer-specific factors such as the type of disability, physical condition, location of residence and so on. Sometimes customers come to our shop with very different ideas and ater intensive consultation we realise that it has to be a different adapted bicycle than the customer had in mind.

Our team consists of 7 people in the bicycle department. A year ago, we completely renovated/modernised our bicycle department with a shopfitter specialised in bicycles and we are now up-to-date in terms of presentation, acessories and workshop. 

Financing and insnurance 

We offer financing through Creditplusbank and work together with several leasing companies (Businessbike, Bikeleasing, Jobrad, etc.). For adaptes bicycles ENRA is a very good insurance company which we have been working with for years. 

5 questions for Van Raam Premium Dealer Wulfekammer 2Rad-Garten-Zoo Fun2Go duo bike

Jörn's favorite Van Raam bike: side-by-side tandem Fun2Go

With the Fun2Go, people who are unable to cycle themselves due to their illness also get the chance to take part in beautiful cycle rides. Positive side effect: because you sit next to each other, you can have a good conversation during the ride.

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Contact details of Wulfekammer 2Rad-Garten-Zoo

Our shop is located directly on the main road, there are plenty of parking spaces right in front of the shop. The shop is accessible for people with disabilities. The bus stop is right in front of the shop. 

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