Benefits of the Midi tricycle from Van Raam


4 benefits of the Midi tricycle from Van Raam

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Benefits of the Midi tricycle from Van Raam

The Midi is a traditional tricycle in the Van Raam product range. Discover 4 benefits of the Midi in this article and get to know this Van Raam tricycle.

The traditional tricycle Midi

The Midi is a traditional tricycle. The tricycle is suitable for children from about 8 years of age, adolescents, and for smaller adults. Read four benefits of the Midi below:

1. Stable and safe tricycle

The Van Raam Midi is a stable tricycle that is very maneuverable and easy to steer. Because the bike has 1 wheel at the front and 2 wheels in the back, it has a good balance and stands firmly on the ground. You don’t have to get off as soon as you stop: the three wheels make it almost impossible for the bike to fall over.

The Midi is a traditional tricycle. You have a high seating position and a good overview of your surroundings.

Benefits of the Midi tricycle from Van Raam

2. A traditional tricycle with a modern look

The standard color of the Midi is Violet blue (RAL 5000). Because of this color and the matte look that the Midi has, the bike has a modern look. The design of the chain guard and the white front brake cables contribute to this. Read more about the appearance of the Midi in the article: ‘New design for the Maxi and Midi tricycles’.
Of course, it’s also possible to choose your own favorite color. The bicycle can be powder coated in many RAL colors.

  • Traditional tricycle for children Midi Van Raam
  • Traditional tricycle Midi for adolescents Van Raam
  • Getting on a tricycle Midi Van Raam
  • Van Raam Midi traditional tricycle for adolescents
  • Midi traditional tricycle Van Raam

3. A tricycle with many possible options

Do you need extra help while cycling? You can choose from many different options and accessories at Van Raam. Some of the most popular options for the Midi are:

  • Back support (optionally with belt) so you can sit safely on the bike
  • A mirror so you can easily look behind you
  • A shopping basket or stick holder
  • A pedal adjustment such as a balance pedal or crank shortener
  • One-handed operated lock

On the price list, you can see all the options and accessories available for the Midi. You can find the price list on the product page.

Midi product page

Options Midi traditional tricycle Van Raam

Put together your own Midi

With the online configurator on our website, you can put together your own Midi tricycle with the options you need. You can do this in a few simple steps. Once you have put together your bike, you see the complete configuration. You will also receive this in your mailbox.

Put together your Midi

4. Smart E-Bike with pedal assist

Another frequently chosen option for the Midi is Van Raam’s unique pedal assistance system. This system had been specially developed by Van Raam for its special needs bicycles.

If you have a Midi with the electrical system, you have a ‘Smart E-Bike’. These electric bikes have a smart battery that is connected to the internet. This allows you to view a lot of information about your bike and battery with the Van Raam E-Bike App. The benefits of the app are:

  • View speed or distance cycled
  • View bike information and battery data
  • Receive notifications. For example about the battery
  • Change bike settings
  • Send SOS messages with GPS location

Read all about the Van Raam E-Bike App on our website.

Van Raam smart e-bike

Traditional tricycle Midi Van Raam electrical system

Traditional tricycles from Van Raam

In addition to the traditional tricycle Midi, Van Raam also has the Maxi in its tricycle assortment. This is the ‘big brother’ of the Midi and is also a traditional tricycle. The Maxi tricycle is suitable for adults. On the product page of the Maxi, you can find more information about this tricycle.

See the Maxi

Van Raam Maxi and Midi traditional tricycles

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