With the wheelchair bike on the grounds of the Zwarte Cross

Van Raam has repeatedly lent VeloPlus wheelchair bikes to the Black Cross festival in Lichtenvoorde. These bikes are used to transport visitors to the festival who are dependent on a wheelchair from one location to another.

Wheelchair bikes at the Zwarte Cross in 2022

Also in 2022, several VeloPlus wheelchair bikes were present at the Zwarte Cross festival. The 'bike crew' of the Zwarte Cross was ready to cycle you to the other side of the festival terrain.

Wheelchair Bikes of Van Raam on Zwarte Cross
Bike crew volunteers - wheelchair cab

Wheelchair cab - From pushcrew to bicycle crew

Where previous years all wheelchair users were pushed through the holy meadows of the Zwarte Cross, the push crew was now equipped with VeloPlus wheelchair bikes from Van Raam. No pushing, this year you were cycled across the terrain. The volunteers cycled, with the festival guest on the front of the bike in the wheelchair, through the 'sandbox' zigzagging between the empty plastic glasses to the desired location on the site. 

Photos of the wheelchair cab at Zwarte Cross 2018

By several colleagues of Van Raam, the bikes have been spotted crossing the terrain in recent years. Occasionally we had to make an extra stop to take a picture. Below some pictures of the wheelchair cab service with the Van Raam wheelchair bikes at the Black Cross in 2018. 

Wheelchair users cross over the Zwarte Cross
Wheelchair bike at the Zwarte Cross
Bicycle Taxi for Wheelchairers on Zwarte Cross
Wheelchair bikes inserted at festival

Wheelchair bike cab-service on Facebook

A nice compliment to the volunteers of the Wheelchair Taxi Service. 'Super arranged by the volunteers.'

A cool photo on the official Facebook page of the Zwarte Cross of the VeloPlus wheelchair bike in action.

Photos of the wheelchair cab at Zwarte Cross 2019

VeloPlus wheelchair bike Van Raam at Zwarte Cross festival
Van Raam wheelchair bike Veloplus at Zwarte Cross festival
VeloPlus Van Raal wheelchair bike Zwarte Cross festival

(Source: Aalten Vooruit. Picture: Roel Kleinpenning)

Videos VeloPlus wheelchair bike on festival grounds

Left: Due to the dry conditions, the 2018 festival grounds had become more of a festival desert. But a little sand didn't stop the wheelchair cabs, as shown in the video below.

Right: In this video, YouTube channel KNOW SHIT looks at if the Zwarte Cross will be easy to visit as a disabled person in 2019. From 2:10 min you can see the use of the VeloPlus wheelchair bike at the Zwarte Cross.