Which bicycles are suitable for healthcare institutions?

There are several bicycles suitable for healthcare institutions to take a bike ride with their residents or patients. Find out which Van Raam bicycles these are in this article.

Van Raam bicycles for healthcare institutions

Van Raam bicycles for healthcare institutions

Van Raam is a specialist in producing adapted bicycles for people with disabilities. Our goal is to give people more freedom and independence with our bicycles and make them feel happier. This makes some of our bicycles extremely suitable for healthcare institutions to cycle with their residents and/or patients. By cycling they feel the wind in their hair again and can enjoy being outside.

van raam Side-by-side tandems for healthcare institutions

Side-by-side tandems for healthcare institutions

Van Raam has side-by-side tandems in the assortment that are popular with healthcare institutions. On the Fun2Go side-by-side tandem you sit with 2 people next to each other. The driver has full control over the bike and the passenger can optionally pedal. This makes this bike very suitable for cycling together with people who cannot participate independently in traffic (anymore). The Fun2Go can be expanded with the FunTrain side-by-side tandem trailer. This makes it possible for one main driver to cycle with three passengers.

You can fully customize our side-by-side tandems by adding options. Popular options for the Fun2Go and FunTrain are:

  • Pedal assist (smart e-bike)
  • Rotating seat for getting on and off easily
  • Seatbelt, armrest, or foot fixation for extra safety
  • Foldable footrest for passenger
  • Disengagement hub

Benefits of side-by-side tandems

  • Good visibility and communication by sitting next to each other
  • Passenger can come along if they can sit (pedalling along is not necessary)
  • Easy to operate with small turning radius
  • One person is steering, both can pedal
  • Comfortable and adjustable seats with backrest
van raam Wheelchair bikes for healthcare institutions

Wheelchair bikes for healthcare institutions

Van Raam's wheelchair bikes make it possible to cycle together with someone who can no longer do this by themselves. On the OPair wheelchair bike, a person can sit on the seat at the front of the bike. On the VeloPlus wheelchair bike it is possible to transport people in their own wheelchair. The wheelchair with passenger can easily be driven on the tilting platform at the front of the bike.

The most popular options for our wheelchair bikes are:

  • Pedal assist (smart e-bike)
  • Divisible frame: (with the OPair: Front section can be used as a stand-alone wheelchair)
  • Anti-puncture tires
  • A variety of seatbelts and foot fixation for the passenger
  • Extra battery pack for an increased range

Benefits of wheelchair bikes

  • With a wheelchair bike, you can get closer to your destination
  • A good overview for both the driver and the passenger
  • Easy to use
  • Increase mobility in an environmentally friendly way
  • Both the passenger and the supervisor can enjoy a bike ride together
van raam Rickshaw transport bike for healthcare facilities

Rickshaw transport bike for healthcare facilities

The Chat rickshaw transport bike is suitable for taking a bike ride as a driver with one or two people on the front of the bike. The passengers sit in a tub with seat belts and suspension. The driver sits behind them and therefore has a good view of the passengers and traffic. The Chat allows people to chat with each other during a pleasant bike ride.

The most popular options to optimize the rickshaw bike are:

  • A canopy that protects passengers from rain and sunshine
  • Extra battery pack for an increased range
  • Mirror for added safety
  • Panniers or walking stick holder to bring along your necessities
  • A leg cover so passengers can stay warm during colder days

Benefits of the rickshaw bike

  • The bike has pedal assist (Smart E-Bike) by default
  • A comfortable and safe seat on the front with seatbelts
  • Easy to get on and off due to the retracting footrest
  • Cheaper than transportation by bus or taxi
  • Very easy to drive

More information about our bicycles?

Would you like to read more about our bicycles suitable for healthcare institutions? Then click on the button of the relevant bike below and go to the product page. Here you can view photos, videos and specifications of the bicycle, among other things.

Experiences of healthcare institutions with our bicycles

Read below some customer experiences of healthcare institutions using Van Raam bicycles.

Fun2Go side by side bike

"At the residential care facility De Hogestraat in Aalten live people with intellectual disabilities. At this facility, the caregivers use the Fun2Go almost daily."

Healthcare organisation Estinea - Aalten

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Chat Rickshaw Bike

"We were thrilled from the start to be able to offer seniors such a beautiful and comfortable experience with the electric rickshaw Chat. The people we take along are so happy. "

Hans-Joachim Fischer - Amelinghausen

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