Video Electric Easy Rider tricycle

In the video below, we will show you how the Easy Rider tricycle with pedal support works.

In the small movie you will see for example how to put on the electric system or how to start with the starting aid/ launch control. Because the tricycle is set up with the pedal support, it is possible to cycle backwards. This is also shown in the video.

Easy Rider Tricyle

The (electric) Easy Rider tricycle for adults is apparently different than the other tricycles. Because of the unique frame, you have a lower seat which gives very good driving characteristics. This tricycle has a comfortable seat with backrest. The advantages of the Easy Rider are in short: 

  • Comfortable and light cycling
  • Forward movement for more comfort
  • Very stabilized for safe feeling  
  • Short turning circle  
  • Cycles easier than traditional tricycle
  • Adjustable chair
  • Pedal support possible

Want to know more about this tricycle for adults? Please visit the page of the Easy Rider on our website.

Van Raam

New: Video on adult tricycle Easy Rider with E-Bike App

Watch the new video about using the E-Bike App on the Easy Rider in the article "Video on adult tricycle Easy Rider with E-Bike App"! 


See Easy Rider & App Video

Every cycle from Van Raam is custom work

Just like all other Van Ram cycles, it is possible to compose/configure your Easy Rider to your own wishes. For example, you can choose your own color, add options and accessories. You can find all options in the price list from the Easy Rider (See page Easy Rider and check Price/Documentation). It is also possible to compose your own Easy Rider trough the configuration module.