Van Raam VeloPlus wheelchair bike at the Zwarte Cross festival

In 2019, Van Raam lent five VeloPlus wheelchair bikes to the Zwarte Cross festival in Lichtenvoorde, the Netherlands. These bicycles are used to bring visitors of the festival, who are dependant on a wheelchair, from one location to another.

The Zwarte Cross festival

The Zwarte Cross festival started in 1997 as a race with motor bikes and has since grown into a three-day festival with a lot of motocross, music, stunts and humour. 220,000 visitors, both young and old, attended the three-day festival in 2018. The festival is the largest motocross event in the world.

Van Raam VeloPlus wheelchair bike at Zwarte Cross festival

VeloPlus wheelchair bikes at the Zwarte Cross

During the Zwarte Cross edition in 2018, for the first time there were wheelchair bikes from Van Raam present. This was such a huge success, that Van Raam again lent five VeloPlus wheelchair bikes to the Zwarte Cross.
Volunteers from a sports club in the area, the so-called "Bike crew", ensured that festival visitors who are dependent on a wheelchair could be transported from one place at the festival to another. With the Van Raam pedal assistance, the volunteers could easily cycle with the passengers across the sandy field. Every day, a Van Raam technician was present to resolve any defects immediately. There was a lot of requirement for the bikes and a lot of batteries were cycled empty these days. Every day from 10 a.m. to 8 p.m., the bikes where ‘crossing’ around the field as a taxi bike to give wheelchair users an unforgettable day. From the many positive reactions from both the visitors to the festival and the volunteers, the taxi bikes were a big success!

VeloPlus wheelchair bike Van Raam at Zwarte Cross festival
Van Raam wheelchair bike Veloplus at Zwarte Cross festival
VeloPlus Van Raal wheelchair bike Zwarte Cross festival

(Source: Aalten Vooruit. Picture: Roel Kleinpenning)

Video: the wheelchair bikes at the Zwarte Cross

In the video below, YouTube channel KNOW SHIT checks if the Zwarte Cross can be visited as a disabled person.

From 2:10 min you can see the use of the VeloPlus wheelchair bike at the Zwarte Cross.

OPair wheelchair Bike Van Raam taxi bike

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OPair wheelchair bike as taxi
Wheelchair bike VeloPlus Van Raam

VeloPlus wheelchair bike from Van Raam

The VeloPlus wheelchair bike has been developed to transport people with a wheelchair. The passenger can remain seated in his / her own wheelchair. In this way it is easy to bring people in a wheelchair from one place to another or to make a nice bike ride. The platform can be tilted so that the wheelchair can easily be placed on the bicycle. With the wheelchair lock the wheelchair can be secured properly. This allows the passenger to remain seated in his own wheelchair and still enjoy a bike ride again. In addition to the VeloPlus, Van Raam also has the OPair wheelchair bicycle in its product range.
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