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The Tech Center is our technical centre that bridges the gap between theory and practice. Learn more about the Tech Centre and the innovative machines from Sjoerd ter Horst, Engineer at Van Raam.

Video: The Van Raam Tech Center

Tip: Dutch is spoken in this video, so feel free to turn on the subtitles for accompanying text and explanations.

Innovative Tech Center from Van Raam

Innovative Tech Center from Van Raam

The Tech Centre is the bridge between theory and practice. Here, theoretically conceived designs and components are tested in practice. Sjoerd ter Horst explains more about this in the video above, but you can read more about Van Raam's innovative Tech Center machines here.

Van Raam Tech Center  Video 3D-Scanner


The Van Raam 3D Scanner from GOM is an enclosed space where the scanner scans and measures various objects on the rotating disc using programmed movements. This way, the object is digitally captured and a digital 3D model is generated.
By comparing the data with the 3D drawings and designs that were made before the bicycle was manufactured, the data can be compared. In this way, the production process can be optimised and the quality of the customised bicycles can be guaranteed.

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3D Scanner at Van Raam
Van Raam Tech Center Video Wheel Test Bench

Wheel test bench

Next to the 3D scanner, there is also the Van Raam wheel test bench, as we make our own wheels we also get the pleasure to test and improve them in a spread out way. With the wheel test bench situations on the road are imitated and this at a high speed. This way a life span of 10 years can be simulated in a few thousand kilometres on this test bench.
Learn more about how Van Raam makes its wheels for customised bicycles in our article "How does Van Raam make a wheel for customised bicycles".

Van Raam Tech Center Video Bike Test Bench

Bicycle test bench

The testing of prototypes of bicycles takes place on the special test bench that was developed and built by the Research & Development department of Van Raam. The test bench is a kind of treadmill with several thresholds. This way, the life span of a bicycle can be simulated in several thousand kilometres on this bicycle test bench. It is built in such a way that it is suitable for all Van Raam bicycles.

For safety reasons, the test bench is shielded with steel fences and the test bench is equipped with an emergency stop.

Learn how a Van Raam bicycle is made?

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