Safe (electric) bike for elderly

In recent years, most deadly victims in traffic have been cyclists. Older cyclists on an electric bicycle are the main victims.

Many of the articles in newspapers where these traffic accidents are named, point out the cause of these accidents: people often fall while getting on and off the bicycle, especially when sudden breaking is needed or when they need to come off the bike unexpectedly. An increased start speed or unexpected engine activity cause people to fall.

Most accidents could have been prevented with a different type of electric bike, a type that does not cause difficulty when getting on and off and one of which the pedal support power assistance does not (de)activate unexpectedly. Van Raam manufactures the ideal bike for elderly: the (Tavara) Balance.

Low step-through bicycle Balance
Van Raam's Balance bicycle

Low step through and unique seating position; both feet on the floor immediately

For the past 30 years Van Raam has been manufacturing the ideal, safe bike for elderly. During the Fietsrai of 1985 architect Piet Tauber received an award from minister Kroes (Ministry of transport, traffic and water management) as winner of a contest for safe bikes. He won this price for his effort in the designing process of the (Tavara) Balance. Van Raam still manufactures this bicycle. The bicyle has a unique frame: a low step through and, when seated, the rider’s feet can always reach the ground immediately. Unlike a regular low step through bicycle, the (Tavara) Balance is equipped with a lowered seat. Regular low step through bikes have an elevated seating position and causes elderly to still fall.

The ergonomics of the frame is such that the low step through allows the rider to get on and off the bicycle easily. Despite this low step through and the lowered seat the rider is still able to make to make the optimum pedal movement. This is because the rider is not above, but behind the crank-gear. The unique seating position allows the rider to reach for the floor with both feet and causes its center of gravity to be lower. More forward pedal movement to allows the riders to utilize the strength of their leg muscles more efficiently than with a regular bicycle. This makes biking easier and more comfortable. Van Raam’s Balance’s frame construction also reduces stress on wrists, back, neck and shoulders.

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Van Raam Silent Electric system and Smart display
Smart display and the App

Unique and easy to use electric pedal support power assistance

The electric variation on this bike has additional unique features. Distinctive about Van Raam’s unique Silent (electric) system is that it’s very quiet and works on a power and rotation sensor, which prevents the engine from suddenly turning off or on. The power of the engine and other characteristics (torque at the bottom, maximum speed, acceleration etc.) are continuously regulated by its software. 

The ‘drive-away’ feature is installed on the standard model. This feature makes it easier to ascend from a basement for example; the bicycle will lift itself while you walk right next to it and leave the ‘drive-away’ button pressed. The feature aids the rider in accelerating to the desired speed. It comes with a unique console with limited features on its display so you will not be distracted.

Additional features can be operated on a useful smartphone application. The display is not prone to theft and can be left on the bicycle. The pedal support power system set up can be modified and one can send an SOS-message in case of emergency. The app displays information such as speed, distance travelled and battery capacity. One electric bike battery will last you 80 kilometers. A second battery can be taken along to increase the range to 160 kilometers.

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Conclusion: World’s safest bicycle

Van Raam’s balance is one of the safest bicycles available because of its frame and unique engine. In case the rider is still insecure on a bicycle, Van Raam manufactures a wide range of safe tricycles which provide even more stability. 

The bicycle is manufactured in the Netherlands in its entirety

Balance bicycle for elderly

Instruction video: Balance low step through bicycle