Residential care for the elderly receives a wheelchair bike

Residential care centre for the elderly Careaz J.W. Andriessen has received a Van Raam VeloPlus wheelchair bike at the end of February 2021. They were able to purchase this wheelchair bike through the program 'Waardigheid en Trots' (Dignity and Pride) of the Dutch Ministry of Health, Welfare and Sport. Read more about the wheelchair bike for the residential care centre here.

Residential care for the elderly receives a wheelchair bike
Residents with the wheelchair bike (photo: Facebook Careaz J.W. Andriessen)

Careaz J.W. Andriessen buys wheelchair transport bike

Careaz J.W. Andriessen is located in Borculo. It is a residential care centre for the elderly with various care needs. There are various homes, where the elderly receive intensive care in some homes and live practically independently in others. At this location there is an exercise room where the elderly exercise and there are many daytime activities. At this residential care centre, a Van Raam Fun2Go side-by-side tandem was already being used, but now they have also purchased a wheelchair bike.

With the wheelchair bike, caretakers or volunteers can make fun cycling trips with clients who are in a wheelchair. Careaz J.W. Andriessen: "We hope for a wonderful spring and summer so that we can use it a lot."

Translation Facebook post below:
"Last week we finally received the long-awaited wheelchair bike at Careaz J.W. Andriessen. We were able to purchase it thanks to 'Waardigheid en Trots' and are extremely happy with it. We hope for a wonderful spring and summer so that we can use it a lot!"

"We hope for a wonderful spring and summer so that we can use it a lot."

Wheelchair bike thanks to 'Waardigheid en Trots' initiative

In 2014, the Dutch Parliament launched the 'Waardigheid en Trots' (Dignity and Pride) programme. The purpose of this programme, initiated by the Ministry of Health, Welfare and Sport, is to improve the care provided in nursing homes in the coming years in a measurable and tangible manner.

Dignity and pride. Loving care for our elderly. This is what good care for the elderly in nursing homes is all about. Care that is in keeping with the client's wishes and capabilities, with warm involvement of family and loved ones: dignity. Care that is provided with pleasure by motivated carers, nurses, nursing specialists and therapists and that meets their professional standards and (professional) pride. (Source: Waardigheid en trots).

Thanks to the help of this initiative, Careaz J.W. Andriessen was able to purchase their VeloPlus wheelchair bike.

Wheelchair bike VeloPlus Van Raam

More about the VeloPlus wheelchair bike

The VeloPlus wheelchair bike is a bike on which someone can be transported in his/her own wheelchair by bike. Almost every manual wheelchair can be easily mounted on the tiltable platform, and the wheelchair lock can be used to secure the wheelchair. The VeloPlus is often used by institutions or residential homes that use it to transport various people.

The VeloPlus can be expanded with all kinds of options and accessories. For example, Careaz J.W. Andriessen has a VeloPlus with pedal support.

More information and specifications can be found on the product page of the VeloPlus. Here, you can also find more photos, videos and customer experiences.

VeloPlus product page