Photoreport construction work Van Raam

On this page you can follow, in a photoreport, the construction work of Van Raam's new building. The building will be approximately 13,500 m2 and is being built at the Hofskamp, a business park in Varsseveld.

Calendar week 25: 'The Collosseum', steel beams, cable pipes and an overview photo


The construction of the new building is already called "The Colosseum".

Steel beams on the concrete beams

Steel beams are attached to the concrete beams.

Test wall new Van Raam building

Two different test walls have been put together.

Cable pipes

The cable pipes that go into the ground are also ready.

Top view of new Van Raam building

Top view of the new Van Raam building (June 2018)

Calendar week 24: installation of concrete piles and various visits

The construction of the new building and the organization around it is in full swing.

Measuring the size of the assembly hall

With the drawing in hand Ariën, André, Harry and Jan-Willem look at the size of the assembly hall.

Van Raam visits VSMI

At VSMI Van Raam looked at a powder coating machine that is almost the same as what will be added to the new paint shop at Van Raam.

Warehouse employees at the construction

The warehouse staff also took a look at the building to get an idea of the amount of space.

Concrete piles mady by Mombard for Van Raam

By Mombarg Beton we were invited to see where our concrete columns are made.

Mal to make piles of concrete

The mold that is used to make the concrete piles.

First concrete pile is placed

The first concrete pile is placed.

Placing concrete piles

More and more concrete piles have been placed.

Construction sewerage

The installation activities of HEVA have also started.

Calendar week 23: pit for blasting cabinet, reduction of paint shop and top views

On the pictures below you can see how the lot currently looks. On the first photo you can see the pit for the blasting cabinet and on the second picture you can see the reduction of the paint shop. The third photo is a top view of the place where the office spaces are located. On photo 4 you can see the following rooms from left to right: the staff entrance, washing and changing rooms, technical service room and technical room. On the last photo is an aerial photograph of the entire lot and the contours of the building.

Straalkast put - nieuwbouw Van Raam
Verlaging spuiterij - nieuwbouw Van Raam
Kantoren Van Raam nieuwbouw
Diverse ruimtes Van Raam nieuwbouw
Top view new Van Raam building

Calendar week 20: lowering the paint shop and pouring concrete

This week the lowering of the paint shop was realized (see 1st image) and concrete was poured.

Lowering paint shop - Van Raam new building
Van Raam [arcel for new building
Pouring concrete - Van Raam
Week 20:  Pouring concrete new building Van Raam

Calendar week 20: 3D animation video of the new Van Raam building

This week, our architect ERS Architekten bna created an animation video. In this video you can see what the new Van Raam building will look like from different sides. You can see the different halls such as the showroom, production and assembly as well as the loading docks where trucks can easily load the Van Raam bicycles. A first impression of how the bicycle test track could look like is also included in the animation below.

Calendar week 18: pouring concrete for the poles

This week, concrete has been poured for the large poles that will be placed in the building. You also see two pictures taken with the drone to see what the parcel looks like now.


Calendar week 17: formwork and preparing concrete pouring

This week the formwork (temporary/permanent mold) was made and preparations were made to pour the concrete. The four site offices are also placed on the lot. From now on the construction meetings and work discussions of the new building can take place here.

Preparing concrete pouring
Preparing foundation new building Van Raam
Week 17: New Van Raam building
Week 17: parcel with site offices

Calendar week 16: start excavation work, increasing of the terrain and dewatering

This week the excavation work started and the terrain was increased. There is also dewatering performed. Dewatering is a process in which groundwater is pumped up at various places and drained via a pipeline, to locally and temporarily lower the groundwater level.

Excavations Van Raam new building
First excavations new building Van Raam
New building Van Raam excavations
Overview parcel Van Raam
Increasing terrain parcel Van Raam

Calendar week 15: first shovel in the ground and drone photos

In this past week, Peter Heinen, Project Manager of the construction, put the first shovel in the ground and he marked the area with pickets. Peter made photos of the parcel with a drone and with these photos they could make an outline of the new building, what can be seen on the two bottom photos.

Van Raam
piketpalen in de grond bij niewbouw Van Raam
tekening nieuwe bedrijfsgebouw vanuit de lucht
Schetstekening nieuwe pand Van Raam

Calendar week 14 : trees cut down and first provisions made

We have donated the trees on our parcel  to care farm 'De Lindeboom'. They have taken care of the cutting and clearing of the trees and they will use the trees to make and sell firewood.

In addition to cutting down the trees, the first provisions, such as electricity and water, were also affected.

Zorgboerderij de Lindenboom mag bomen kappen en ruimen op nieuwe bedrijfskavel Van Raam
Van Raam

Calendar week 11: impression of the new building + contractor announced

See the pictures below for an impression of the new Van Raam building/factory, this new building will be built by contractor KlaassenGroep in 2018.

More information and photos

Photos and more information about our new building and the contractor can be found in a previous article.

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The announcement that Van Raam will move

In 2017 we announced that Van Raam would move to a new location in town. In the press release you can find more information about this move.

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