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First official workweek in new Van Raam premises is a fact

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new van raam building in varsseveld

The last weeks few weeks were all about Christmas, New Year’s Eve and the beginning of 2019. Despite this, our employees were also finishing the new Van Raam factory. Meanwhile, the first official working week after the holidays is almost over and we look back on a week of finishing things up but also starting new things. In this article we look back on the period of the Christmas holidays and we give you the most recent updates and photos of our new business premises.

Van Raam band made an impact on colleagues

After we started the Christmas holidays with a fun Christmas party where 'De Lekkâh Band', a band formed by Van Raam employees, performed live (you wouldn't miss it for the world!), it was time for office staff to move to the new premises.

In the past few weeks, people could regularly saw cars packed with moving boxes and computer screens moving from the Aaltenseweg 56 towards the Guldenweg 23. All departments, except for the Sales department, have now moved to the new business premises. We are still working hard on our new showroom. Test rides will be held in our old building on the Aaltenseweg until the end of January. At the end of January, we hope that we all work in the new building and that the test rides will also take place in our new showroom.

Van Raam Christmas party 2018
The performance of De Lekkâh Band was a great success!

New bicycle factory is slowly filling up with bikes

Slowly our new factory is filling up with bicycles again and it looks like it has never been otherwise. In the asembly hall are a lot of colored frames, waiting for them to be mounted. Our transport bikes are cycling through the factory and the warehouse is already well stocked. However, the more observant among you will still find enough details on the photos which shows that we are still in the "relocation / unpacking phase".

  • The canteen at new Van Raam premises
  • Canteen in new Van Raam premises
  • Production new Van Raam premises
  • Paint shop new Van Raam premises
  • Assembly new Van Raam premises
  • Assembly hall bicycle frames new premises Van Raam
  • New premises Van Raam adaptive bikes factory
  • Warehouse new premises Van Raam factory of special needs bikes

Open-plan office with lianas

In addition to the factory, most office departments in the new premises are settled now. The office is characterized by glass walls and the bright colors on the walls, the open-plan office is fresh and spacious. Now, there are "lianas of electricity" in the open-plan office, but these will be removed in the course of these weeks. In addition, there is an occasional painter or electrician coming into the office to complete the last things and in the distance, we hear regularly the sounds of a circular saw. It’s a lively office!

  • new van raam building in varsseveld
  • Open plan office van raam
  • Showroom in new Van Raam business premises
  • Offices new premises Van Raam

Updates of the new business premises

In the past few months we have regularly posted photos about the developments of our new factory. Step by step you could see how an empty plot was transformed into a bicycle factory for adaptive bicycles of more than 13.500 m2. Meanwhile, we finished our first official workweek of 2019 and we can hardly imagine that there, on the Guldenweg 23, was only grass and trees a year ago.

Would you like to look back at our new construction process? Click on the button below and see all the developments of the new building step by step.

Construction-page Van Raam

construction Van Raam week 16
Guldenweg 23 in April 2018; there is no special needs bike to be found

Making a test ride with an adaptive bike

Despite the moving to our new business premises, it is still possible to make an appointment for a test ride. Our technical advisors welcome you to our former showroom at the Aaltenseweg 56 until the end of January. Do not forget to make an appointment in advance. Click on the "visit our showroom" button to read more about the free consultation. From the beginning of February, the new showroom will be at the Guldenweg 23.

Visit our showroom

Appointment in Van Raam showroom with technical advisers
Our technical advisors are happy to advise you
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