Foot fixation for special needs bikes

In this article we will show you the foot fixation and lower leg support, one of our more popular features.

Foot fixations

Foot fixations (supports) are mounted on the pedals and serve as additional support whereby the foot refrains from slipping off the pedal during paralysis or spasms. The fixation is delivered with a balance weight to ensure horizontal alignment at all times

Foot fixations at Van Raam

  • Appealing design.
  • Foot supports are equipped with an inner anti-slip surface for additional grip.        
  • Position of the foot support is adjustable, allowing you to pedal with maximum force using the ball of your foot. 
  • The rider has an optimum amount of push thanks to the anti-slip surface and support adjustability in relation to the pedal.
  • Width of the foot support is adjustable, making it compatible with different types of footwear. Van Raam offers two sizes of foot support: the Fix 20 for shoe sizes 22-36, and the Fix 25 for shoe sizes 37-48. This way, children in a stage of growth are unburdened by not having to continually switch between supports.
  • Padding on the straps ensures an improved distribution of pressure on the instep.
  • The support includes two straps for placing over the foot. The handy quick-release mechanism is perfectly suited for single-handed operation.  .
  1. strap foot fixationThe strap [A] can easily be opened with one hand by using the quick-release mechanism [B], after which the strap can be pulled free.
  2. Place your foot in the support and slide the strap as far as possible through the quick-release mechanism.
  3. The quick-release requires minimum effort for the strap to be set in place. Do this by moving the tab up and down slightly. 

Foot fixation for bike
tricycle with foot fixation

Foot fixation information 

Shoe size (EUR)   22 - 36   37 - 48
Length of foot fixation (cm)   20   25
Width of foot support (cm)
 (measured from narrowest point) 
  6 - 7,5 (adjustable)     7,5 - 9,5 (adjustable)  
Product reference   FIX 20   FIX 25                     

Lower-leg fixation

Bear in mind that this is only available together with the foot support. For more information about the lower-leg fixation, read the points below: 
  • Adjustable height allowing proper alignment with the rider’s lower-leg.
  • Leg padding for support purposes is rounded, preventing unnecessary pressure on the leg.
  • Angle of the leg padding is adjustable and can be moved from the side of the leg to the front or back. 
  • Velcro is used to secure the lower-leg fixation to the leg.
  • Available in two sizes, the larger of which (FIX 25) has the added benefit of pivot hinges, stimulating ankle joint movement. As a result, pressure to the shin is reduced.      

lower-leg fixation