Monique knee Osteoarthritis cycling

Cycling with knee Osteoarthritis

Monique is 58 years old and lives in the city Den Haag (the Netherlands). She has knee osteoarthritis on both knees and wears on this moment two braces. On the website you will find her story (in Dutch) about what she experiences every day. Monique is very positive minded, crazy about cats and walking on the beach. In her newest blog, she writes about her new tricycle with pedal support. 

The search for a suitable bicycle 

"I live so nice here, close to the beach, the dunes, the forest and the polder. There are a lot of nice things to do in the summer in Kijkduin, but I’m not able to go and that is upsetting me."

It became the right time to break the circle and Monique (her friends call her Mo), knew what she wanted, a bicycle! De doctor advised her to get a bicycle with electric pedal support. 

" I’m not allowed to put a lot of strength on my knees or struggling with the wind. A bicycle with pedal support is exactly what I wanted, but I wanted better or better said, one wheel more, because a tricycles would probably be provided by the WMO organization."


Tricycle with pedal support for Mo

In October 2016 was the moment there for Monique, she could pick up her tricycle with pedal support in the store. 

"And there was my beautiful new tricycle. A beautiful purple/blue color with a cool basket on the back and a small saddle." 


The first ride on the tricycle with pedal support 

tricycle with electric pedal support
Photo: Mo with her royal blue Midi tricycle from Van Raam.

"The big cycling adventure could start and my first ride from the store back home was fantastic. My knees didn’t hurt and I felt a big freedom and thankfulness for that I could use this fantastic bike from the community. I felt some healthy muscle pains the next morning, but that is logical as the movements were new for my body. Because although there is a support, you really need to step.  In case of interest for this bike, my tricycle is from Van Raam, Specialist in unique special needs bicycles. 

Do you want to know more about the tricycle from Mo? Visit de page of de Midi tricycle.