5 questions for a service engineer at Van Raam - Video

Coen Velthorst is a service engineer at Van Raam. Get to know him better in this article with video in which he is asked 5 questions. 

Video: 5 questions for service engineer from Van Raam

Tip: Dutch is spoken in this video, so feel free to turn on the subtitles for accompanying text and explanations.

Questions and answers to service engineer

In the video above Coen Velthorst was asked 5 questions, read his answers here: 

5 questions for a service engineer from Van Raam

1. Can you introduce yourself?

"My name is Coen Velthorst, I am 39 years old and I have been working at Van Raam since 2008. The first 6 years in assembly, then I moved to the service department, until now. That was 13 years ago."

 2. What makes it interesting to work at Van Raam? 

"I am a lover of technology and especially bicycle technology, which excites me a lot. The product we make and our target group make it special, because with a bicycle you can make people happy again. When you see people test riding here who haven't ridden a bike in years and you see how happy it can make them, I think that's very nice."

5 Questions for a Service enginer from Van Raam Prejudice

3. What is a common prejudice about your work?

"I think people think: a bicycle mechanic fixes tyres and greases chains. It's a bit more complex in reality, but that could be biased." 

4. What is your most memorable Van Raam-moment?

"Well, there are many. There are many unforgettable, beautiful moments. I think one of the best was when Mr Kluver was named the oldest employee in the Netherlands. There are also videos of that moment, when the bus is handed over to him. And his memorable statements during that, that was very nice. Apart from that, of course, all our celebrations and excursions. Great moments abound!" 

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5. What is your favorite Van Raam bike?

"This is the Chat, one of my favourite bicycles at Van Raam. I think it's a great product because it comfortably seats two elderly people in the front, for example. They are out in nature and can have a good time and enjoy themselves."

5 questions for service engineers of Van Raam's favourite bike Chat

Coen's favourite bike: Chat

The Chat rickshaw bike is designed to ride together with people who are no longer able to participate in road traffic on their own. A companion (pilot) rides with one or two people. The two people who are passengers sit side by side on a specially designed seat, where design and ergonomics come together.  Read more about the Chat on the product page.


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