How does the Van Raam app work?

The Van Raam bicycle app is a free smartphone application that you can use while cycling with your Van Raam electric bicycle. This app can be used as a luxurious bike computer for all Van Raam bicycles with pedal assistance. Furthermore, the app includes other additional features such as an SOS function and a function which allows you to adjust the pedal assistance while cycling.

Read all information and a detailed description of Van Raam’s app

What is a Smart E-Bike?

All electric Van Raam bikes with the original Van Raam electrical system and delivered from May 2016 remain smart e-bikes. With the Van Raam e-bike app you can connect to the smart display by Bluetooth connection and still see a lot of information.

Do you have a yellow sticker on your battery? Then your battery is also IoT-connected and you can connect the battery and receive push notifications on your smartphone. Read more on the app page on the website.

What can you do with the Van Raam e-bike app?

  • Deluxe bike computer (view speed, battery status, total distance cycled)
  • Changing bike settings (such as changing recipe)
  • Sending SOS message with GPS location to self-selected phone number
  • Viewing information about the bicycle
  • Viewing biked routes in the app

How do you recognise the Van Raam electrical system?

The motors, batteries, controller, Smart Display and software of the Silent System have been developed by and for Van Raam, especially for our special needs bikes. From time to time, Van Raam bicycles are fitted with a different electrical system. This can have very negative consequences, which we would like to warn everyone about. In the article 'How to recognise the Van Raam electrical system' you can read about 7 features and functions to easily identify a Van Raam bicycle with pedal support (delivered after June 2016).

What is the range (distance) of a bike with power assistance ?

Check: What is the range (distance) of a battery driven bike?

What is the range (distance) of a battery driven bike?

Unfortunately, there is no simple answer to this question. A number of factors determine the range, including speed, sort of pavement, wind, the weight of the driver, the status of the battery, tire inflation and the acclivity. Therefore the battery range varies between 50 (if everything is negative) and 70 km/ h (if all is positive). Read how many kilometers a Van Raam E bike battery lasts.

How much does it cost to fully charge a Van Raam e-bike battery?

The costs of charging a battery are relatively low. Below you will find an overview of how much energy is needed to charge a battery:

  • Cube Normal: 0,51 kWh
  • Cube Heavy: 1,05 kWh
  • Slim: 0,60 kWh

Multiply the amount of energy needed with your current electricity price per kWh to find out how much it costs to fully charge your battery.

Can I later add an electrical engine?

This is no problem at all. At any given Van Raam bicycle an electrical engine can be added, even after several years. It is not possible to use an electric engie power assist on the Husky and Walking Support City.

Which kind of electrical engines are there?

Van Raam has since 2011 an own electrical pedal support called Silent System. The motor, battery, controller, the Smart Display and software are developed by Van Raam. The Silent System is developed for the rehabilitation sector. The Silent system is characterized by: simple use; powerful motors; modern and efficient electronics; high quality and safe batteries; personal adjustable support, adjusted to the handicap; cycling forwards and backwards with active pedal support. The Silent electrical system is an 36 Volts system and delivers a maximum 18 ampere.

Until mid 2012 Van Raam has used Nickel Metal Hydride batteries (NIMH). From 2012 Van Raam uses Lithium Ion (Li-ion) batteries. The tricycles of Van Raam have an Cube Li-Ion battery and the Balance, tandems and wheelchair cycles have a Slim Li-Ion battery. The high quality batteries are manufactured in Germany and can be used for many discharge cycles. The Li-Ion batteries have 2 years of guaranty with a maximum of 500 charge cycles. The batteries have a high capacity, on several bikes it is possible to use 2 batteries with a maximum capacity of 1784Wh.

Read more about electric pedal support.

What kind of battery types are used?

Van Raam now uses Lithium ion cobalt batteries on the Silent system. Until mid-2012 nickel metal hydride (NiMH) batteries were also used.

The tricycles and the Fun2Go double rider from Van Raam have lithium ion batteries of 36 volts and 10.7 or 24.8 amps / hour called the cube battery. The Balance, wheelchair bikes, rickshaw Chta and the tandems have a 13.6 volt 36 amp / hour lithium ion cobalt battery called the Slim battery. The batteries are manufactured  at BMZ in Germany, the special software is also made in Germany together with our engineers.

The lithium ion batteries will certainly last many cycles. A charge cycle is needed to fully recharge an empty  battery. If you recharge the battery, which was empty for 25%,  four times you still have used only one charging cycle. At 400 charge cycles (full discharge) the capacity of the battery decreases slightly. The lithium ion cobalt batteries have 1 year warranty with a maximum of 500 charging cycles. You can recharge the battery when it is not fully empty.

A battery of 10.7 A / h is fully charged in about 2.5 hours. If your radius of action is approximately 30 km with a fully charged battery, your battery is garanteed till 15.000 KM.

 The wheelchair bikes with the Heinzmann system  have two parallel batteries of 36 volt 9 amp hour batteries (total 18A / h).

When you’re not using the electric engine of the Silent system, the battery goes into sleeping mode after a few days. This to protect the battery. You can activate the battery by connecting it to the charger for a few seconds. Or you can take the bicycle for a ride and press the on / off button while cycling to turn on the system.

What is wrong when all the lights of the control pannel are flashing?

If the buttons 1, 2 and 3 are all flashing then there is a fault in the sensor, if all the lights of the battery indicator are flashing (red, orange and green lights below) then the system is overheated. If the system is cooled down, this error will disappear.

How much heavier is my bike with pedal assistance?

The weight of your bike will increase when you have power assistance. The total added weight of the motor, batteries and other materials, depends on the type of motor and battery. This varies between 9 and 15 kg of extra weight.

Which bicycle is right for me?

This question does not have an easy answer, as to everyone has their special needs. Every person is unique and has special issues that should be taken into account.
Roughly we can state that tricycle bikes are suitable for people who have problems with stability and balance. 

Tricycles are also suitable for you if you have trouble getting on and off of your bike.

Tandem bikes are ideal for people who struggle with cycling alone, through e.g. a visual impairment, or concentration problems. While cycling on tandem bikes, there is the possibility of having contact with each other, so the tandems bikes can also be seen as therapy. 

Van Raam’s wheelchair bikes or wheelchair transporters are used from a social point of view or as a therapeutic bike for someone who is wheelchair dependent. Van Raam has two models: ‘the Veloplus’ and ‘the OPair. With the Veloplus, the disabled person can stay in his / her own wheelchair, which is then easily ridden on the plateau of the wheelchair bike, where it is locked. With the OPair, the disabled person takes place in the chair of the special bike. The wheelchair bikes are mostly used in institutions and homes for the disabled, because it is relatively easy for them to use these bikes.

What's my inner leg length?

The inner leg length is the main specification to find the frame height and seat height of the bike. You measure your inner leg length by measuring the length from the crotch to the ground, with your feet flat on the ground about 15 cm apart. Measure this length with shoes. Read more in: 'Inner leg length for adapted Van Raam bikes'. 

Where can I cycle with a wide tandem bike or tricycle?

All the bikes are, according to law, regular road bikes, even the bikes with power assistance. Van Raam’s bicycles have therefore the same rules to follow as ordinary bikes

Can I try a Van Raam bicycle?

You can try out any type of bike you like at a verified Van Raam dealer in your area. Check the list of dealers for your nearest dealer, ask in advance when it is open and if the requested bicycle is in stock.  We also bring many models to fairs and there is usually an opportunity to try out a bike. Please contact us to determine the easiest solution that works for you.

How do I order a Van Raam bicycle?

It only takes a few steps to order a Van Raam special needs bike. In a short step-by-step plan and video we explain how to order a Van Raam bike. View this in 'How to order a Van Raam special needs bike?'

Should I insure my Van Raam bicycle?

You have no obligation to insure your Van Raam bicycle, even if it is equipped with power assistance. It is advisable to insure your bike against theft and possibly a hull insurance against damage to your bike. No liability insurance is required because you have to pedal yourself to move forward.

How much weight can I carry on my bike?

You can load your carrier with a maximum of 20 kg, but do not carry people on the carrier. Make sure your baggage does not obstruct the steering wheel. Please note that the extra baggage weight can affect driving.

Tax rate

The prices on our price list are VAT exclusive.

How much does a Van Raam bicycle cost?

For each bicycle and additional accessories there is a price list available on this website. All amounts are VAT excluded.

What do I do with my bike when I don’t use it for a longer period of time?

Make sure the bike is stripped of aggressive agents such as brine or bird droppings, that there is sufficient air in the tires, remove any batteries from the bike and store it in a dry and heated environment. Before using the bicycle again, check all moving parts and perform a minor maintenance on the bike. It is also an excellent time to perform major maintenance on your bike during this time, since you don’t use your bike.

What bicycle frame materials is a Van Raam bike made of?

Many materials are used to produce a bicycle. It all begins, after the research and design phase, with delivering the raw materials for the bicycles. Van Raam uses mostly steel as frame material for the bicycle frame. The delivered steel tubes are sample checked at delivery. At every step in the production chain, semi-finished products are checked upon quality to see if it’s on an accepted level. A bicycle of guaranteed high quality is the result. Would you like to know more about Van Raam's bicycle material? Then read the article: "What bicycle frame materials is a Van Raam bike made of?

How much time will the delivery take?

After a final confirmation from Van Raam the supply will take several weeks. View the current delivery time of Van Raam bikes in the article 'Current delivery time Van Raam bicycles'. When the bike is ready, the bike will be transported to your dealer. Ask your dealer how much time your delivery will take. Also, a number of standard models of different Van Raam bicycles are available from stock. This means that a standard Van Raam special needs bike can be delivered to you faster. Read more about the possibilities in the article 'Van Raam bicycles available from stock'.

What should I do when bike problems occur ?

You can first consult the manual of your bike. If you no longer have it, this can also be found online, just go to the site and click on which type of bike you own. If the problem is not resolved, contact the dealer or institution that has delivered you the bike. At very specific problems your supplier will contact Van Raam (the producer of the bike) to try and solve the problem.

Where do I get my bike maintenance?

We recommend that the bike is checked each year by the dealer who has supplied you the bike. When flaws and defects occur you should immediately consult your dealer. In your user guide it is explained how you can perform regular maintenance procedures yourself. The user manual can always be found on the internet.

What are the warranty regulations?

We give 5 years standard warranty on the frame, paintwork and front fork. For all other accessories and parts (except weared parts), we use the statutory warranty period of 2 years. View our warranty page.

Declaration of Conformity can be found on our website under each bike at the price/documentation tab.

How do I order an item?

Parts are to be supplied by verified Van Raam dealers. Contact the dealer in your area to order an item.