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Van Raam bikes

An adapted bicycle can be a solution when you're not, or no longer, able to use a regular two-wheeled bike. Van Raam offers several types of adapted bicycles, and there are solutions to nearly all problems. For this reason an adapted bicycle can give you (back) your mobility.

Van Raam produces tricycles, mobility scooter bikes, wheelchair bikes, tandem bikes, three-wheeled tandem bikes, side-by-side tandem bikes, seated bikes, recumbent bikes, transportation bikes, walking bikes, and low step through bikes. Nearly all models are also available with electric pedal assist. View the complete overview of our bikes.

A Van Raam bike is for anyone that does not feel safe to, or cannot independently cycle on a regular two-wheeled bicycle. With the large variety of adapted bikes in the Van Raam assortment, we are trying to offer a solution to as many people as possible. We believe there can be a contemporary and sustainable form of mobility for everyone.

There is no definitive way to determine who needs which bicycle. Every person is unique and has specific considerations that need to be taken into account.

Tricycles are suitable for individuals who have stability issues, balance problems, or difficulties with mounting and dismounting.

Tandems are suitable for individuals who cannot ride alone due to visual impairments, attention or concentration issues. Tandems also allow for good and easy communication during cycling and can be used as therapy bicycles.

Van Raam wheelchair bicycles are used for social purposes or as therapy bicycles to transport someone who relies on a wheelchair by bike. Van Raam offers two models of wheelchair bicycles: the VeloPlus and the OPair. With the VeloPlus, the passenger can remain in their own wheelchair and easily roll onto and secure it onto the bike's platform. With the OPair, the passenger sits in the seat of the special bike. Wheelchair bicycles are commonly used in institutions and care facilities because they can be easily used by a variety of individuals with disabilities.

With a side by side tandem bike or side by side tandem bike with a trailer, you can cycle together. You sit next to each other, with one person steering and braking, and both individuals can pedal. The driver has full control over the side by side tandem bike, and the passenger can optionally pedal. This bike is particularly suitable for cycling together with individuals who can no longer participate in traffic independently.

Our low-step-through bikes have a low entry and a seating position behind the crankshaft, allowing for a slightly forward pedaling position and a lower center of gravity. This provides a more comfortable cycling experience. Getting on and off the bike is easy, and it offers an ergonomic seating position. The bike is available in various frame heights.

The walking aid is suitable for individuals who have difficulty walking or experience problems with prolonged standing. Your body weight is supported by the seat of the walking aid, relieving strain on your leg joints.

Transport bikes are for children or adults who cannot or do not wish to participate in traffic independently. Transport bikes, also known as cargo bikes, are specially designed to carry more than just the rider. People choose transport bikes to transport themselves and others who are unable to do so independently.

Our bicycle selection guide will guide you in finding the perfect bike(s) based on your needs and preferences.

Cycling on an adapted bike can be completely different to cycling on a regular two-wheeled bicycle. Because it may be completely different than what you're used to, we always advise to make a test ride prior to purchasing a bike. During a free test ride on the Van Raam test track you can try various bikes.

A customized bike often rides slightly differently than a regular bicycle. If you want to purchase or have already purchased a customized bike, it's important to practice riding it well. If you're unable to do this on your own, an occupational therapist, for example, can help you with it.

The adapted bicycles of Van Raam are produced in Varsseveld, The Netherlands. In one of the cleanest and smartest factories in The Netherlands. Nothing is being produced to stock, so each bike is being made uniquely to the customer's needs. You can read the article how we make bikes to learn more about the production process.