Frequently asked questions

Laws and regulations

In many cases, you do not need a driver's license to ride a Van Raam bike. Check the rules in the country where you live and always adhere to applicable traffic regulations.

The rules regarding the Easy Go scooter bike vary from country to country. Therefore, always check the regulations for the Easy Go in your country, a dealer can assist you with this. As a driver of the Easy Go scooter bike, you are part of the traffic, along with many other road users. That is why it is important to know which rules apply in order to prevent accidents.

You have no obligation to insure your Van Raam bicycle, even if it is equipped with power assistance. It is advisable to insure your bike against theft and possibly a hull insurance against damage to your bike. No liability insurance is required because you have to pedal yourself to move forward. Read more about insuring your bike on the insurance page.

All the bikes are, according to law, regular road bikes, even the bikes with power assistance. Van Raam’s bicycles have therefore the same rules to follow as ordinary bikes.

This depends on the type of bike and which car you have. If you have a walking aid or a children's tricycle, it can easily fit in almost any car. The Balance bike can often be carried on a standard bike carrier, but be aware of the maximum weight that the car's tow bar can carry. Larger Van Raam bikes can be transported on a bike trailer. These trailers are not available from Van Raam, but we do know several providers of bike trailers. A divisible frame can also be a handy addition to a Van Raam adapted bike. The advantage is that the bike becomes more compact in this way, making it easier to transport. This way you can easily take your Van Raam bike with you when you go on holiday, for example!