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Customer experience Easy Rider tricycle bike - Imke Scholten

Customer experience Easy Rider tricycle bike - Imke Scholten
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Due to balance problems, fears and stimuli, Imke often fell off her two-wheel bike. She has since swapped it for an electric Easy Rider sitting tricycle with back support and is doing much better!

Easy Rider tricycle
(RAL 7026) Granite grey
Pedal assist, Mirror
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Cycling with a tricycle with back support

"My name is Imke Scholten and five years ago I developed balance problems, and suffered a lot from anxiety and stimuli. I was still cycling on a regular bike then, but I fell often. Fortunately without serious injuries.
As a solution, I was then given a 'regular high' tricycle. The bike path is quite crooked in places which also made me go crooked with the tricycle. This left me with the fear.

I have since swapped the bike for an electric Easy Rider tricycle bike with back support, and guess what... It goes much better!"

Practising together

"Since this week, I started practising on the Easy Rider tricycle bike with the occupational therapist. I do this to gain more confidence and have the fear removed. Last Tuesday, I cycled my first block and today I cycled to work with my occupational therapist for the first time in all these years. I still found it quite scary, especially the way back as the bike path is a bit bumpy and crooked. I am confident the Easy Rider is going to be fine because I am already more relaxed on it than on my previous tricycle!"

Imke Scholten - The Netherlands
Type: Easy Rider tricycle bike

customer experience easy rider tricycle bike from imke scholten
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