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Customer experience Easy Rider 3 wheel trike - Harma van der Meulen

Customer experience Easy Rider 3 wheel trike - Harma
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Recently we received a message from Harma, who is very happy with her Easy Rider 3 wheel trike. She chats a lot during a ride and she can use the 3 wheel trike to work on the condition.

Easy Rider tricycle
Pedal assist, Baskets, Mirror
11 February 2021 purchased
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My Easy Rider 3 wheel trike

"After years of not being able to cycle, the occupational therapist indicated to have a look at Van Raam. What a great and positive experience! Then came the beautiful red 3 wheel trike. The color is of course an afterthought, but what a beautiful trike! I was already positive, but now I seem to carry it out like a sunny and happy egg on my Easy Rider 3 wheel trike. It's great to cycle again, I have the Easy Rider since February 11, 2021. Less pain with the seating and no more fear of falling over. I'm really happy! I like the enthusiastic reactions. Children love it; they just got rid of the training wheels and I'm just starting it. I can enjoy cycling again and work on my condition, and in the meantime I chat a lot on my 3 wheel trike."

Harma van der Meulen - Bedum, the Netherlands
Trike: Easy Rider 3 wheel trike

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