Customer experience Easy Rider tricycle bike - Tineke Heinecke

Tineke Heinecke used to cycle on a traditional bicycle until she fell 2 times and suffered serious fractures. One fracture did not heal well and she also has neuropathy in both feet. The choice was clear to her: a bicycle for more balance. Read Tineke's story here.

Customer experience Easy Rider tricycle bike Tineke Heinecke
Customer experience Easy Rider tricycle bike Tineke Heinecke

Serious fractures

"I am Tineke Heinecke (68 years old). I have a husband Wim and a Maltese dog Lizzy. We live in an apartment near the center of the village Monster in the Netherlands. I love cycling, crafts, animals and children. In the past 2 years I have fallen 2 times with serious fractures as a result. One of those fractures can't heal properly and because of that I can't bend my knee properly anymore. In addition, I have neuropathy in both feet, a nerve disease. I can't afford to fall again, which is why I chose the Easy Rider tricycle bike, for balance."

As a response, I often get that people think my bike is beautiful and sporty.

From orientation to delivery

"I have had the Easy Rider tricycle bike since August 2021. I have purchased this via the Social Support Act. First I looked on the website of Van Raam whether there was a bike for me and I wanted to try it out. I then made a test ride at the showroom in Varsseveld. I am very satisfied with the way Van Raam has fulfilled the overall service. Then I ordered the Easy Rider at Van Raam dealer Meyra. I had to wait a while for the tricycle bike, but when it was delivered I had an excellent explanation."

All positive

"I have some extra options on the tricycle bike: a crank shortener, a mirror, a cane holder and an odometer. I use the Easy Rider for everything. Per week I cycle about 60 kilometers. I also use the Van Raam E-Bike App. I find everything positive about the Easy Rider. I often get the response that people find my bike beautiful and sporty. I also often get the right of way. I am very happy and pleased with my Easy Rider. It bikes great and is fully equipped, and also very beautiful! And not to forget: I can cycle safely and freely again. Nothing is as nice as being able to move around independently. Really a good invention. I give the Easy Rider tricycle bike a 10!"

Tineke Heinecke - Monster, the Netherlands
Bike: Easy Rider tricycle bike