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Customer experience Kivo Plus tandem – Karlheinz

Customer experience Kivo Plus tandem Karlheinz
10 / 10

After his partner was not able to cycle independently anymore, Karlheinz bought the Van Raam Kivo Plus tandem. Now, they explore beautiful places again. Read their story here.

Kivo Plus tandem
Backrest support, Mirror, Extra battery pack
1,500 km cycled
1 June 2022 purchased
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"My name is Karlheinz. Together with my partner, I live in Frankfurt am Main (Germany). Besides cooking, I enjoy cycling with my spouse. However, after she had a stroke, she suffers from a balance disorder, and cycling has become more difficult. Since she can no longer ride a bike independently, we bought a Van Raam Kivo Plus tandem in June 2022.”

Cycling with the Kivo Plus tricycle tandem

Now, Karlheinz and his spouse explore beautiful cycling routes without any problems, but they needed some practice for that. Karlheinz says: "At the beginning, we had to get used to the way of cycling. The videos from Van Raam helped us a lot with that. After cycling 10 kilometers, everything went great."

Their Kivo Plus has various options. The tricycle tandem has a backrest, a mirror, and later on, the couple also purchased an extra battery. This allows them to cycle longer distances without risking a drained battery. Karlheinz appreciates this option especially in hilly areas. In such environments, he also uses the Van Raam app, which allows choosing support programs.

Exploring beautiful places

Meanwhile, the couple has already covered more than 1500 kilometers. "We mainly use the Kivo Plus tandem in our free time. In good weather, we explore beautiful cycling paths and cycle an average of 30 to 55 kilometers per day."

Since Karlheinz bought a trailer, they also sometimes take the Kivo Plus to beautiful villages that are further away. He explains: "It's a disadvantage that the bike is difficult to transport due to its size. However, with our trailer, this is not a problem. This way, we discover beautiful places where we have never been without the bike. That is pure quality of life for us."

Trailer for Kivo Plus tandem Van Raam

Unforgettable moments

Thanks to cycling, Karlheinz and his partner have already experienced many unforgettable moments. "We were once asked if we could be hired for moving. After all, we have enough space on our Kivo Plus!" Furthermore, the tandem also enables them to explore nature. "Recently, we even visited a stork's nest by bike. We really enjoyed watching the storks through binoculars. Thanks to this bike, we can experience such moments again, and therefore, I would rate the Kivo Plus tandem with a 10/10!"

Karlheinz – Frankfurt am Main, Germany

Bike: Kivo Plus tandem

Observing a stork's nest with Kivo Plus tandem Van Raam
Pros & cons
  • A lot of space on the bike
  • Support through Van Raam app
  • Practice is needed
  • Difficult in transportation
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