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Customer experience Fun2Go duo bike – Eimear Nic Lochlainn

Customer experience Fun2Go duo bike - Eimear Nic Lochlainn
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Eimear and Graham wanted to take Máire on a cycling holiday. Because of Máire's Down syndrome, she needed an adapted bike. Eimear had a breakthrough during her search for a suitable bike option: there was a Van Raam Fun2Go duo bike available for rent in Romanshorn on Bodensee (Lake Constance) in Switzerland. Read more about Eimear, Graham, and Máire's experiences here.

Fun2Go side by side bike
Pedal assist, Basket, Extra battery pack Cube
115 km cycled
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  • Customer experience Fun2Go duo bike - Eimear Nic Lochlainn
  • Customer experience Fun2Go duo bike Van Raam - Eimear Nic Lochlainn
  • Customer experience Van Raam Fun2Go duo bike - Eimear Nic Lochlainn

The background story

"My name is Eimear and I am an avid cyclist. I wanted to take my 22-year-old niece Máire on an active cycling holiday. I knew that Máire enjoyed cycling around her home, but longer distances on her own bike would be challenging. Given her characteristics of Down syndrome, I needed an adapted bike to ensure that Máire felt engaged and motivated while having fun. Additionally, a bike path that was off-road, mostly flat, safe, and attractive would be essential for our enjoyment. Because of my career, I can overcome obstacles for people with mobility and cognitive limitations!

My initial research focused on Ireland, but unfortunately, it didn't yield anything. Then came the breakthrough: a Van Raam Fun2Go duo bike available for rent in Romanshorn on Bodensee (Lake Constance) in Switzerland."

Máire's Independence Day

"It was a long-awaited day, but finally, it had arrived: Independence Day for Máire! Wanting to follow in the footsteps of her older sister and brother, this was the day that Máire would travel alone for the first time. She made the journey from Dublin in Ireland to Basel in Switzerland. It was finally her turn to take a new step in the transition to adulthood. In Basel, Máire would join me, Aunt Eimear, and friend Graham.

Unlike her father and mother, who worried about Máire's Independence Day, Máire was eagerly looking forward to this day. In Romanshorn, we walked eagerly to the bike rental next to the station and there it was: the Van Raam Fun2Go duo bike. Mega cool! We were amazed by our new friend, we named him Harley. We rented Harley for 3 days, full of optimism about what lay ahead."

Features of the Fun2Go Duo Bike

“During a 15-minute introduction to how Harley works, the key features were explained:

  • Both the driver and the passenger can pedal together. If the passenger got tired, they could lean back and rest; both also had their own bell.

  • Two sets of gears operated by the driver.

  • Two interchangeable batteries.

  • Capability to pedal both forwards and backwards.

  • Battery indicator with green, orange, and red dotted lights.

  • Battery charger and key for battery lock.

  • Starting aid for a short boost.

  • Brakes and handbrakes operated by the driver.

  • A large basket for luggage.

Customer experience Fun2Go Van Raam duo bike - Eimear Nic Lochlainn

Armed with knowledge of how the Fun2Go duo bike operates, Máire and I cautiously pedaled towards the Swiss red cycling signs, with Graham following behind us. We set off clockwise around the Bodensee (Lake Constance)!”

The Adventure with Harley

"In no time, our confidence grew as we tested the buttons and starting aid of the Fun2Go. Soon enough, amid her laughter and giggles, Máire started saying things like, 'Put it up a notch' and 'Come on Graham, keep up.' We pedaled along happily, with Máire keeping a close eye on whether Graham was keeping pace with us. If he caught up, we would go full throttle on Harley to ensure we reclaimed our leading position.

Passersby waved and rang their bells as we cycled past. When we encountered Harley's twin, we waved and called out in joy to our newfound comrades. We shared a special moment that knew no bounds!"

We shared a special moment that knew no bounds!

Eimear Nic Lochlainn

"On day 3, our last day, unfortunately our luck ran out. The battery indicator suddenly went from green to red, leaving us to pedal without electric support. As a result, the duo bike became incredibly heavy. We decided to continue cycling to the nearest train station in Switzerland, 15 kilometers away. After a grueling journey, we arrived at Rorschach train station. We were greeted by a very understanding Swiss SBB train employee, who took the battery to charge it for us. After resting, we returned 3 hours later to pick up our fully charged battery. It was too late to reach Romanshorn before the bike rental closed, so we stopped at the nearest campground.

The next morning, we enjoyed the final stretch of our journey to Romanshorn, completing our tour around the beautiful Bodensee, totaling 115 kilometers! As we bid farewell to Harley, the Fun2Go duo bike, I secretly wished for an international network of these bikes so that more people with mobility and cognitive limitations could experience this kind of freedom and joy. Máire had cycled every kilometer of the 115-kilometer journey and was bursting with pride: another milestone achieved!

As we concluded our adventure with one final dip in the lake, we suddenly heard singing. It was Máire. Unprompted, gazing out over the sparkling lake, she sang at the top of her lungs. She sang 'Stars in the Sky,' a song she had composed and sang in the ancient Irish Sean-nós style. And as we sat and listened, I glanced over at Graham, who was clearly moved. Her song told her story."

Máire, Eimear and Graham – Dublin, Ireland
Bike: Fun2Go duo bike

Pros & cons
  • Starting aid for a short boost
  • A large basket for luggage
  • The battery indicator suddenly turned from green to red and left us to pedal without electric support
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