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Customer experience Duo bike Fun2Go - Christine Guthmann

Customer experience Duo bike Fun2Go - Christine Guthmann
10 / 10

My name is Christine Guthmann and I am Lennox's mother. We live in a house together with my parents. They help us as much as they can. I have been caring for Lennox 24 hours a day for 16 years. Lennox has the rare Opitz-BBB syndrome. Read here how the Fun2Go has enriched them.

Fun2Go side by side bike
Pedal assist, Mirror, Baskets, Armrest (foldable)
28 September 2020 purchased
Sanitaetshaus Urban und Kemmler GmbH
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duo bike fun2go christine guthmann customer experience
Customer experience Fun2Go Duo bike Christine Guthmann

Short introduction

Lennox's air and oesophagus are not separated. This means that everything he swallows also goes into his airway and he can choke at any time. Therefore, the 24 hour care. Unfortunately, he has already had over 15 pneumonias. His feeding is only possible via a stomach tube (PEG).  
So far, we have had an e-tricycle, which the insurance company has approved. But Lennox does not ride a bicycle alone. Everything that he cannot ride on his own is not covered by the health insurance. So it sits uselessly in the garage. 

Best decision we've made in a long time!

Christine Guthmann

The purchase of a duo bike

We are out in the fresh air and even more so since Corona. The Fun2Go is such an enrichment for us! Financially, as a single parent, I could not have made it possible. We are soooo grateful that grandma and grandpa made it possible for us. Best decision we've made in a long time! Seeing the joy their grandchild gets out of it is pure compensation! I am now a big fan of your bikes! Really great what they do. Thank you.
We have had the Fun2Go duo bike since November 2020. We saw it on Facebook in a post. Then googled it, made an appointment at the Van Raam advice centre in Treuchtlingen and then contacted the local medical supply store. Everything was simple and straightforward. We then bought it from Urban & Kemmler in Altdorf. I am very satisfied. We ordered it on 28.9.2020 and already received it on 18.11.20.

Customer experience purchase duo bike Fun2Go Christine Guthmann

Lennox and my great Fun2Go Duo bike

We chose it in the special colour black and added some options like a mirror, basket, and an armrest. Hopefully an umbrella stand will be added soon

Duo bike Fun2Go customer experience Christine Guthmann

Video of Lennox and Christine and the Fun2Go

Absolutely fantastic!

Unfortunately, I received the operating instructions in English. But when I asked, the supplier brought me the German one a day later. One improvement would be some kind of handle at the end of the battery. It is sometimes difficult to hold when pulling it out and almost bangs on the floor because it is hard to grip. Nevertheless, I would give the Fun2Go duo bike an 11 on a rating of 1-10!

Christine Guthmann – Germany
Type: Fun2Go duo bike

Pros & cons
  • Enrichment
  • Simple and uncomplicated
  • Handle at the end of the battery
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