User experience Easy Go scooter bike - Anita

My name is Anita and I live in Woerden, the Netherlands. Because of my muscle rheumatism, I couldn't cycle on my electric bike anymore and because I had trouble moving around I became isolated. The Easy Go scooter bike gives me back a bit of control over my life.

Easy Go scooter bike Anita
Easy Go scooter bike Anita

Reason purchasing Easy Go scooter bike

I used to cycle on an electric bike, but due to my musle rheumatism this was no longer an option. Through my occupational therapist I came in contact with Van Raam in Varsseveld and together with her we visited a dealer of Van Raam. After trying some bikes, I knew what I wanted. When I stepped on the Easy Go scooter bike I knew: this is the right bike for me.

After that I went through a lot of information on the website, watched several videos on YouTube and read the user experiences on the website. Then, in July 2019, together with my occupational therapist, I applied to the municipality for reimbursement of the scooter bike. The Easy Go was then delivered to my home in December 2019, which took about 5 monts. The bike was neatly deliverd with all the agreed adjustments.

"The Easy Go scooter bike has taken me out of my isolation of being inside for more than 2 years and has also given me back a bit of control over my life."

Experiences so far

I haven't had the bike very long, but I'm very excited! I live in a city, in the green heart; a beautiful area with lots of possibilities for cycling. I'm cycling short distances at the moment because I still have to get used to the bike. Because of the road holding, with a tricycle it sometimes feels like you can fall over. But with the help of my occupational therapist it is getting better and better. She went out with me the first few times, I definitely recommend someone like her. Furthermore I like the scooter bike very much: I can move around and go shopping again. It really is an enrichment, because I train muscles again which I normally didn't use anymore because I have trouble walking. The scooter bike has taken me out of my isolation of being inside for more than 2 years and has also given me back a bit of control over my life.

At first I found it quite difficult to get on the bike, but young people appeal to me because they find it a cool bike and the elderly are very interested in this beautiful scooter bike and want to know more about it.

Options Easy Go scooter bike

I have a Silent electric motor Li-ion 36V, 11AH battery on my bike. As extra options I have double stick holders, a footplate and on both pedals crank shorteners for an optimal position of the knees with pedallig. I also have folding armrests left and right and a thumb throttle for the scoot function of the bike. For me, the Easy Go is the only and right option to move around right now, I would say: let's go!

Anita - Woerden (the Netherlands)
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