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For each Van Raam bicycle there are a lot of options available to configure the bike to your own specifications. Besides the basic options Van Raam also provides custom modifications. 

The options available for your bike are classified per type bike. You can find these options in the pricelist of the bike of your choice. The price list of the Van Raam bicycles shows the costs of the accessories and which are available for that specific bicycle.

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English model Fun2Go side-by-side tandem Van Raam

English model

For countries where you have to drive on the left, Van Raam has the 'English model' option. Elements such as the rear light are mounted to the right side.

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Van Raam Bike Pedal Extenders 2 cm

Pedal extenders

Van Raam offers two sizes of pedal extenders in its assortment: 2 and 4 cm. A pedal extender can be a solution in cases of adapted footwear or a deviant foot position.

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Van Raam double bike panniers


Van Raam has panniers in its product range. These are a double pannier bags or a single-sided pannier bag. A pannier offers more comfort and is ideal for carrying small daily groceries.

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Easy Rider with double battery switch Van Raam tricycle

Double battery switch

When choosing a double battery pack for your e-bike, consider a convenient double battery switch. It lets you seamlessly switch between batteries when one is empty.

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Wheelchair holder option special needs bike Van Raam

Wheelchair holder

For the Fun2Go and FunTrain it is possible to assemble a wheelchair holder. With this option you can take a wheelchair with you on a special carrier on the back of the bike. 

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Walker holder preparation option Van Raam

Walker holder preparation

When you use a walker, the walker holder preparation is an option. You can take your walker with you on your bike. This option is a bracket on which the walker holder can be mounted.

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Bicycle cover Fun2Go side by side tandem Van Raam

Bicycle covers

To protect your bicycle from weather conditions, it is possible to purchase a bicycle cover for the Easy Rider tricycle or Fun2Go duo bike. The cover fits over all available seats.

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platform pedal van raam bicycle ergotec

Platform pedal

Platform pedals provide extra foot support and grip for cycling. Suitable for adults and those with custom footwear, they're individually adjustable and can be retrofitted.

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Lower leg fixation Fun2Go duo bike Van Raam

Lower leg fixation

For a Van Raam bicycle with three wheels it is possible to order a lower leg fixation. The lower leg fixation prevents the lower leg to fall to the left or right.

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Option balance pedals for Van Raam special needs bike

Balanced pedal with strap

A balanced pedal with strap supports your foot so that it does not slip off the pedal while cycling. You can use the instep strap to adjust the balance pedal to the desired size.

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Specials option Van Raam special needs bike


With our extra options, you can adjust your Van Raam bicycle to suit your needs. Do you need other adjustments due to different body sizes or limitations? That is possible.

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Side by side bike protection screen Van Raam

Protection screen

Van Raam offers bicycles bicycles where you can sit with two persons next to each other. To prevent potential (corona) transmission between them, a protection screen has been developed.

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You can also assemble your own bicycle with the online configuration tool and here you will also find a list of possible options and accessories.