Video Adjusting recipes in the Van Raam e-bike app


Video: Adjusting recipes in the Van Raam e-bike app

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Video Adjusting recipes in the Van Raam e-bike app

You can not only adjust the assistance on your bike as a dealer. Read in this article with video how you can adjust your pedal support yourself via the Van Raam E-Bike App.

Video: Adjusting recipes in the e-bike app

Recipes are bike programs for your pedal support. Watch the following video to see how to adjust the recipes in your app.

Why do I want to adjust settings in the app?

A bike is always delivered with a certain basic setting that suits the bike. For example, the Easy Rider comes with an Eco setting/recipe and the Easy Go comes with a Comfort setting/recipe. You have four (4) of these recipes in your E-Bike App. You can send these on to your Smart Display according to whether you need more or less support. You can choose from the following recipes to write on your Smart Display and thus on your bike.

  • Eco

  • Comfortable

  • Extra Power

  • Power

Adjusting recipes in the Van Raam E-Bike App

You have 3 electric pedal assist modes (Eco, Comfort and Sport) on your Smart Display. The system automatically starts in level 1 (Eco). These modes can then include one of the 4 recipes mentioned above. For example, if you select the Eco recipe, you will have the Smart Display modes 1, 2 and 3, in the Eco recipe. These are slightly less powerful than if you have chosen the Power recipe. Then you have Stand 1, 2 and 3 in Power. The recipes not only have an effect on the stands, but also on the starting aid. For example, the strating aid is stronger in the Power recipe than in the Eco recipe.

Adjust recipes in Van Raam E-Bike App

Step by step: How do I adjust the recipes via the app?

Step1: Make sure you are connected to your bike and that you are near your Van Raam e-bike.  

Step 2: If you click on your profile (at 0:14) in this case on "VR" you can see which recipe the bike is in at the current moment. In this example it is set in the "Eco" recipe. 

Step 3: Step 3: In the following (at 0:17), click on the menu (3 horizontal lines, top left of the screen). Select the category Recipes.

Step 4: The 4 different recipes open on your screen (at 0:19). The current recipe is selected in orange. With only one click on another recipe and another click on the orange button "Sending to bike", the recipe is send on the Smart Display and thus on your bike. 

Step by step: How do I adjust the recipes via the app?

The Van Raam E-Bike App

You can use the E-Bike App with your Van Raam electric bike. All Van Raam electric bikes are delivered as Smart e-bikes, these are connected to the internet. This app can therefore be used as a luxury bike computer for Van Raam pedal-assist bikes and offers you the following advantages:

  • SOS function
  • Cycling data such as average speed
  • Maximum speed
  • Display pedalling force and cadence
  • Battery notifications

Want to know more? Take a look at our app page and learn more about the e-bike app.

App page

Tricycle Van Raam with E-Bike app

Connecting an adapted bike with the Van Raam e-bike app

See how to connect a Van Raam electric bike with the e-bike app in the article "Connecting an adapted bike with the Van Raam e-bike app" and video.

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