Van Raam special needs bikes Fun2Go duo bike and Easy Rider tricycle


Van Raam bicycles as an alternative to the quattro bike

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Van Raam special needs bikes Fun2Go duo bike and Easy Rider tricycle

The term quattro bike is often used to refer to a four-wheel bike. As a manufacturer of custom bikes, Van Raam offers various alternatives to the quattro bike. In this article, we'll explain why considering a Van Raam bike is worthwhile and what types of bikes Van Raam offers.

Why choose a tricycle instead of a quattro bike?

Both tricycles and quattro bicycles provide stability while cycling due to the extra wheels. Additionally, with both types of bikes, you don't need to dismount when coming to a stop, such as at a traffic light. However, a tricycle is often more stable than a quattro bike when stationary or at low speeds.

This stability at low speeds makes tricycles safer, especially when navigating corners. A tricycle with a lower center of gravity is less prone to tipping over than a quattro bike.

A significant advantage of a tricycle over a quattro bicycle is that tricycles are generally more maneuverable due to their smaller turning radius. This makes them easier to navigate around corners and on narrow bike paths compared to quattro bikes. It also means that tricycles are easier to store, for example in a shed.

Van Raam special needs bikes Fun2Go duo bike and Easy Rider tricycle

Van Raam’s alternatives to a quattro bike

Quattro bikes are available as single-person bikes as well as multi-person bikes. Van Raam offers a wide range of custom bikes that are suitable as alternatives. Below, we briefly highlight three options for you.

Easy Rider tricycle for adults Van Raam Easy Rider family
Van Raam Maxi tricycle
duo bike Fun2Go Van Raam

Quattro cycle as a 4-person bike

Sometimes, a quattro bike refers to a four-person bike. With a bike for 4 people, one driver can go out with 3 passengers. Van Raam offers the FunTrain duo bike trailer for this purpose. The FunTrain is attached behind the Fun2Go duo bike. This allows for safe and easy cycling with 4 people.

View the FunTrain

Van Raam FunTrain duo bike trailer

Trying out a Van Raam bike

Not sure if a Van Raam tricycle is a suitable alternative for you? Schedule a test ride for test ride with no obligation in Varsseveld. Our advisors will provide guidance on which bike and options may be suitable for you. You'll also take a test ride on our track with various realistic traffic obstacles. You can also get in touch with a dealer near you.

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