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Take the bike: 5 Benefits for the environment

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Van Raam comfortable ebike tricycle Easy Rider

It is becoming increasingly important to make sustainable choices in our daily lives. One sustainable choice you can make is to bike more often. Cycling is good for the environment and offers many advantages compared to transportation by car for example. Read this article to learn more about the environmental benefits.

1. Reduced greenhouse gas and air pollution

Cycling is an efficient means of transportation to move to another location, but it is also a highly sustainable transport option. Cars and other motorized vehicles emit greenhouse gases. These gases contribute to the warming of the planet and climate change. With cycling, you do not use fuels like gasoline or diesel, which means you do not have CO2 emissions or emissions of other harmful substances. As a result, the air is cleaner.

2. Less traffic congestion

Traffic jams are bad for the environment, and according to the World Health Organization, air pollution is one of the top ten risks to human health. In a traffic jam, cars are stationary, but the engines keep running, causing harmful exhaust fumes to accumulate between cars. When cycling, you do not get stuck in traffic jams, which also leads to less CO2 emissions and thus less air pollution. Moreover, by cycling, you reduce congestion on the roads.

3. Good for the infrastructure

Moreover, it is beneficial for the infrastructure when more people choose to cycle. The construction and maintenance of a roadway, such as through asphalt production, result in more environmental pollution compared to just building and maintaining a bike path. Additionally, cycling requires fewer parking spaces compared to motorized traffic.

4. Cost savings

Furthermore, cycling also saves money, as gasoline, diesel and other fuels for cars are quite expensive nowadays. You also do not pay road tax for your bike. Moreover, you often park your bike for free more frequently than a car. Additionally, maintenance for your bike is often much cheaper than maintenance for a car.

Van Raam comfortable ebike tricycle Easy Rider

5. Reduced noise pollution

Cycling is beneficial for the environment and the climate, but it also results in less noise pollution. Road traffic is the largest source of significant noise annoyance. Exposure to (unwanted) noise can have various adverse effects on health. By cycling, you prevent noise and disturbance for others.


The particulate matter and other harmful gases emitted by motorized traffic are not good for your health. Cycling on the other hand, is very healthy. Exercise is crucial for building muscles and improving fitness, among other benefits. Moreover, cycling also acts preventively against diseases, helps clear your mind, and promotes relaxation. Additionally, it often leads to falling asleep more quickly and sleeping longer. Also, read our article outlining 10 reasons why cycling is healthy.

Van Raam offers adapted bicycles, allowing people with disabilities to cycle as well. For example, there are tricycles, as well as double rider bikes such as tandem bikes, wheelchair bikes and side by side tandem bikes. These bicycles are also available with pedal assistance. In this way, they provide a suitable alternative for the longer distance that you would normally cover by car.

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An adapted bicycle rides very differently from a standard two wheeled bike. At Van Raam, you receive comprehensive tailored advice and can take a test ride on the test track without obligation, or you can schedule a test ride at one of our dealers.

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