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Quick introduction.. Van Raam’s new construction project team

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van raam construction meeting

The construction of Van Raam’s new premises has started and you can stay updated through a photo report. Next to the actual construction activities important decisions are made by Van Raam’s team of managers. Every week staff meetings are held to discuss all matters of the construction.

While before the meetings were held at Van Raam, since the 4 construction sheds were installed in week 18, the ladies and gentlemen of the new construction project team can be found there. We will introduce them to you through the photos down below:

Construction meeting Van Raam

Left (front to back):

  • Ronald Ruesink – Van Raam: commercial director

  • Andre Diepenbroek – Heva: electrician 

  • Marjolein Boezel – Van Raam: financial/HMR director

  • Peter Heinen – Van Raam: project director

Right (front to back)

  • Rudy Schuurman – ERS Architekten: architect

  • Free Laar – Van der Arend en Markslag & Partners: construction director

Not on photo: Jan-Willem Boezel – Van Raam: technical director

van raam construction meeting

Meeting Van Raam on construction new premises

Left to right

  • Free Laar – Van der Arend en Markslag & Partners: project manager

  • Rudy Schuurman – ERS Architekten: architect 

  • Theo Schoenmakers – Ter Horst: subcontractor ground work 

  • Koen Klein Nijenhuis – Klaassen Groep BV: planner 

  • Martijn Kolkman – Perebolte Elektrotechniek: electrician 

  • Andre Diepenbroek – Heva: electrician

  • Martien te Molder – Klaassen Groep BV: project manager

  • Peter Heinen – Van Raam: project manager 

construction van raam meeting

Stay updated on the new construction project

Read what’s new about the new premises on this special page. It is updated regularly.

Visit our construction page

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 the end of this year (2018) /start of next year (2019) we will move with the entire company to a different location in Varsseveld, the Netherlands. The new building of Van Raam, with a size of approximately 13,500 m2, is designed by ERS Architekten bna from Terborg (the Netherlands) and will be built on a plot of 25,000 m2.

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