Office dog Puck visiting Van Raam


Office dog Puck visiting Van Raam

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Office dog Puck visiting Van Raam

On Take Your Dog to Work Day, labradoodle Puck paid a visit to bicycle manufacturer Van Raam. An office dog has several benefits for employees. Read in this article which ones they are.

Take Your Dog to Work Day

Labradoodle Puck, owned by our colleague Marnix Kwant, is a certified therapy dog who works two days a week with young people with behavioural problems. He also regularly goes to work with Marnix's wife, who is a school psychologist at a large school in the city of Arnhem.

On the 24th of June it is 'Bring your dog with you to work day'. Puck has already done some test rides on the Van Raam bicycles in Arnhem. So now it was a nice occasion to take him to his owner's work. Marnix's colleagues at the marketing department were also looking forward to the arrival of Puck and enjoyed walking with him during the break. Puck also tested some Van Raam bicycles and enjoyed the grass fields around the factory.

Now that more and more research shows that it is good for both the dog and the employee to bring a dog to work, this is a nice opportunity to do so with Puck.

Office dog Puck visiting Van Raam

Benefits for dog and employees

A growing body of research shows that bringing your dog to work has several benefits. The following positive effects office dogs have on employees:

  • Reduction of stress
  • Increases loyalty to the company
  • Improves team spirit
  • Provides more fun
  • Reduces sick leave
  • Provides more exercise

A labradoodle is ideal to take to work because it does not shed and is hypoallergenic. Colleagues who are allergic to dogs will not be bothered.

The dog also benefits from a day at the office. Dogs are companion animals and love attention. By taking them to the office, they receive attention from several people and do not have to stay home alone.

Benefits for dog and employees office dog Puck at Van Raam

Labradoodle Puck

Puck is a labradoodle from 2016. He lives in Arnhem with our colleague Marnix Kwant and his wife and two daughters. Puck has a diploma as a therapy dog and works two days a week with young people with behavioral problems. He has been tested for safety and reliability. As a co-trainer Puck helps young people to work on, for example; self-confidence, self-control and resilience.The sessions with the dog help to improve psychological, social, emotional, behavioural, cognitive and/or physical functioning.

Puck at work

Want to see Puck at work? Then watch the video below.
In addition to all these things, Puck is also a wonderful family dog who brings a lot of joy to his home as well. Want to see how Puck grew up? Then watch the following video:

Take your dog to work day office dog Puck at Van Raam
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