A day with one of Van Raams technical advisors in the field


A day with one of Van Raam's technical advisors in the field

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A day with one of Van Raams technical advisors in the field

At the Van Raam sales department, we also have technical advisors working in the field. Read and watch how a day of technical advisor Stefan may look like and what a technical advisor exactly does.

Video: A day with Stefan, a Van Raamtechnical advisor in the field

In the video below, Stefan Heusinkveld visits three customers in the province of North Brabant (in the Netherlands). In this video you see the tricycle Maxi and the recumbent trike Easy Sport.

What is the role of a Van Raam technical advisor in the field?

A technical advisor in the field takes care of test rides and gives advice to future customers. This is not something he does at Van Raam, but at the customer's home or on location. The technical advisor takes several special needs bikes with him (or one if specifically requested), so the customer can make a test ride at home. The bicycle will be adjusted on location to the client's needs and together they make a test ride to see which options and accessories are needed or if a different bicycle is needed. Through our colleagues in the office, a quotation is made, so the bike can be ordered by a Van Raam dealer.

At Van Raam, we also have technical advisors in the office, who provide test rides at Van Raam. This can be in the showroom in Varsseveld or in the Experience Center in Treuchtlingen (South Germany).

A day with one of Van Raams technical advisors in the field
Stefan with a customer during a test ride with the Easy Sport recumbent trike

Test ride on location with Van Raam bicycle

A test ride on location with one of our technical advisors from the field is only possible in the Netherlands under certain conditions. This is for example when the municipality (Social Support Act), an occupational therapist and/or a mobility aid specialist must be present at the test ride, they also request the test ride at Van Raam. A Van Raam colleague from the office schedules the appointments in the agenda of the technical advisor in the field.

What does a day of a technical advisor in the field look like?

Here you can see step by step how a day of a technical advisor in the field goes:

  • The day starts in the morning with loading the required special needs bikes into the Van Raam bus and seeing which routes will be driven and which customers will be visited.

  • The technical advisor arrives at the customer and briefly gets to know the customer and the accompanying persons.

  • The required bicycle is then unloaded from the bus and adjusted to the customer's needs and preferences.

  • With the help of the technical advisor, the customer makes a test ride and together they look at which bike and which options suit the customer best.

  • Together with the people present, they discuss exactly what needs to be included in the quotation.

  • The advisor sends the information to a Van Raam colleague in the office, so that a quotation can be made.

  • The advisor says goodbye to the customer, loads the bicycle(s) back into the bus and continues to the next test ride or to Van Raam/home.

Van Raam technical advisor in the field - helping a customer
A test ride with a Maxi tricycle

  • Van Raam technical advisor in the field - loading unloading bikes in Van Raam bus

    The special needs bikes are unloaded from the bus before the test ride, and reloaded after the test ride.

  • Van Raam technical advisor in the field - adjusting the bike

    The special needs bike is adjusted to the client.

  • Van Raam technical advisor in the field - Helping a customer to cycle

    The Van Raam technical advisor helps the customer during the test ride.

  • Van Raam technical advisor in the field - test ride with municipality or mobility aid specialist

    A test ride with the technical advisor is requested by e.g. the municipality, occupational therapist and/or medical aid specialist.

Test ride at Van Raam

At Van Raam in Varsseveld you can always make an appointment for a test ride. The spacious showroom displays all Van Raam models and includes many options and accessories. On the bicycle test track, the bicycle can be tested extensively. Interested in a test ride? You can schedule a test drive yourself using our online planner on the test drive page. Read more about test drives at Van Raam on the test ride page.

At some Van Raam dealers, it is also possible to make a test ride. Please contact your local dealer for more information.

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Making a test ride at Van Raam in Varsseveld - bicycle test track
The bicycle test track at Van Raam
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