Jelle van Gorkom on Van Raam tricycle


Jelle van Gorkom convalesce on Van Raam tricycle

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Jelle van Gorkom on Van Raam tricycle

Professional BMX-racer Jelle van Gorkom, who was severely injured during one of his practices in January 2018, is back on a bike. This bike is not his beloved BMX, but the Easy Sport, one of Van Raam’s tricycles.

Convalescing after serious injury

The BMX-racer, who won a silver medal in the 2016 Olympic games, is recovering after a serious crash. Van Gorkom toppled over because his safety chain was not removed. The accident left him with broken ribs, a fracture in his face, a crack in his skull, internal injury and he was in a coma for several weeks. In March he was moved from the hospital to the rehabilitation center in Arnhem to continue his recovery.

The first meters on Easy Sport tricyle

The BMX-racer is currently recovering and has, after a long time of not being able to ride a bicycle, ridden his first meters on a tricycle. He posted two videos on his Instagram in which he can be seen riding Van Raam’s tricycle with a big smile on his face. Click here to play the video.

The first meters on Easy Sport tricyle - jelle van gorkom

Jelle van Gorkom on sporty recumbent tricycle

A few weeks later Jelle posted a photo on his Instagram of him on his Easy Sport recumbent tricycle with Edwin Goossens, one of Van Raam’s mechanics.

Jelle van Gorkom on sporty recumbent tricycle van raam

This was absolutely a feeling of freedom and above all another step in the right direction.

Jelle van Gorkom

Jelle talks about his recovery at Pauw (Dutch talkshow)

On 10 December, 2018, was Jellea guest at the Dutch Talkshow Pauw at NPO 1. Jelle told about his accident and his rehabilitation. Jelle also mentioned that he can cycle again on a bike with tho wheels, But he also still uses the Van Raam Easy Sport tricycle.

View the episode at Pauw (in Dutch). The fragment of Jelle van Gorkom starts at 20:07 minutes.

Jelle van Gorkom with Van Raam tricycle
Jelle van Gorkom uses a tricyle for his recovery

Sporty recumbent tricycle

Jelle van Gorkom’s tricycle is a recumbent tricycle manufactured by Van Raam and is called the Easy Sport. The name says it all: a sporty tricycle. This bike features a handlebar below and a comfortable seat with back support.

View the Easy Sport

Van Raam Easy Sport recumbent tricycle bike


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