how does the van raam e-bike app work


How does the Van Raam e-bike app work? (video)

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how does the van raam e-bike app work

Van Raam bicycles with pedal assistance are smart e-bikes. These can be connected to the Van Raam e-bike app. In this article with video, we'll tell you more about some of the features of this app and how it works.

Video: Explanation Van Raam e-bike app

In the video below Maikel Fraikin, project manager ICT at Van Raam, explains step by step how the Van Raam e-bike app works.
Tip: This video is spoken, do you prefer to play the video without sound? Then turn on the subtitles. 

Download Van Raam e-bike app (00:00-00:52 min)

Before you can use the Van Raam e-bike app, you need to download the app on your phone. This can be done for free through the Google Play Store  (voor Android) or the Apple App Store (IOS). After downloading the app, you have to give permission for a number of points. This is necessary because the app uses the bluetooth function of the phone. You can also indicate whether you want to receive push notifications from the app, for example about the battery status of your bike.

van raam e-bike app download

Create an account (00:53-04:18 min)

When you use the Van Raam E-Bike App for the first time, you have to create an account. Based on this account, information is stored, such as the frame number. When creating an account, you enter your email address and a password. The password must meet a number of requirements,it must be;

  • at least 8 characters long

  • contain a capital letter

  • contain a number

  • contain a special character (such as an exclamation mark)

After creating an account, you will receive a registration confirmation via email. In the email there is a confirmation button, if you click on it the registration is complete.

Connecting your bike to the Van Raam e-bike app (04:19-06:29 min)

To connect your Van Raam bicycle to the app, the bicycle's pedal assistance must be enabled. When the power button of the Smart Display lights blue, the bluetooth is switched on. After this you can connect the bike with the app by pressing the menu button of the app (three horizontal lines). Then you enter the frame number of the bike, by entering the correct number you can see and select the corresponding bike on your phone.

Important! While connecting, the bike must be nearby (max. 20 meters distance) and the electric motor must be switched on.

Also read the article 'The frame number on the special needs bikes from Van Raam' for a detailed explanation of the frame number.

Connect your adapted bike to the Van Raam e-bike app

connect bike with van raam e-bike app

Van Raam cycling recipes (06:30-09:17 min)

The recipes in the app are different cycling programs for your pedal assistance. You can adjust these recipes depending on your needs and whether you need more or less support. The standard programs in the Van Raam E-Bike App are; Eco, Comfort, Power and Extra Power. You can switch recipes by clicking on the menu item 'Recipes'. Click on the recipe of your choice and then click on 'Send to bike'.

Important! The bike must be stationary while changing recipes.

Read in the article 'Video Adjusting recipes in the Van Raam e-bike app' with a video how to adjust a recipe step by step.

Multiple menu items in the Van Raam e-bike app (09:18-11:42 min)

The menu of the Van Raam e-bike app consists of the following items*:

  • Dashboard:On the dashboard you see various data, including speed, battery capacity and the number of kilometers cycled.

  • Details: In the menu item 'Details', you can find technical information about the bicycle, such as pedalling frequency, or the battery voltage.

  • Bike selection: Here you can find all bikes that are connected to the account and change bikes if necessary.

  • Recipes: Here you can see which recipe is being used and you can also change recipes if necessary.

  • Batteries: In the item 'Batteries' you could find all the batteries that were connected to the account and you could also find technical information about your battery. However, connecting the battery is no longer possible because the IoT module found in these batteries is no longer operational. Please read the article 'Van Raam IoT Module for Batteries' for more information.

  • Notifications: In the menu item 'Notifications' you will see an overview of all the notifications that the Van Raam app has generated for you. This could be about, for example, the battery being fully charged, or a battery having reached a certain under-value.

  • Account: Here you can enter your personal data, change the privacy settings, or possibly deactivate your account.

  • Settings: In the 'Settings' item you can keep track of your personal preferences, such as the language of the app, but also for example threshold value at which you want to be notified of the battery.

  • Info: Here are some links to our website to find more information about e.g. dealers, or frequently asked questions about the app.

  • Logout: Here you can log out of your account and possibly log in to another account.

* Which functions are possible depends on the type of battery you have; a battery without a yellow GPS sticker or a battery with a yellow GPS sticker. For more information see the page 'Van Raam e-bike app for smart e-bike'.

Smart e-bike app

Do you still have questions about the Van Raam E-Bike App, or would you like to know something else? Read the article 'Frequently asked questions Van Raam App' and see if your question is listed. You can also contact us

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