Herre and Jesper on Van Raam tandem to the Sahara


Herre and Jesper on Van Raam tandem to the Sahara

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Herre and Jesper on Van Raam tandem to the Sahara

TikTok users Herre and Jesper are going to cycle from Morocco to the Sahara on a Van Raam tandem. They previously completed a trip from Groningen (NL) to Morocco.

Visiting Varsseveld (NL)

The old Van Raam tandem they used for their trip to Morocco was no longer suitable for the journey to the Sahara. That's why, in early March 2024, the friends picked up a new Twinny tandem from Van Raam in Varsseveld. Herre and Jesper were picked up in style from the station with the FunTrain duo bike by Marketing Manager Marnix Kwant and Marketing Employee Karin Geesink. They then received a tour of the Van Raam bicycle factory.

Herre and Jesper on Van Raam tandem to the Sahara

Crash course in replacing spokes

In addition to the tour of Van Raam, the boys also received some practical tips for their journey to the Sahara. Mechanic Paul Baten explained to Herre and Jesper how to replace a spoke, properly adjust the chain, and the best way to patch a bicycle tire, among other things.

Herre and Jesper are given a tour of the Van Raam bicycle factory

Trying out the tandem on the test track

With the knowledge they gained, Herre and Jesper then tried out the new Twinny tandem on the test track. Like a well-oiled machine, they cycled over the gravel and hills. The boys were very happy with the new Twinny tandem, which felt better right away than the old tandem they had bought on Marktplaats (second-hand goods website) at the time.

Following Herre and Jesper on TikTok

You can follow Herre and Jesper's journey on their TikTok channel @metdetandemnaarmarokko. They will start their journey in Nador, Morocco (where their first bike ride ended). The first episode will be available on their channel from April 8th.

Riding tandem to Morocco TikTok

Going by tandem to the Sahara on the Van Raam test track
Tandem bike for adults Van Raam Twinny

Van Raam Twinny tandem

Herre and Jesper are taking the bike ride on a Van Raam Twinny tandem without pedal assistance. The Twinny has a low step-through and more space between both riders compared to a regular tandem. One person steers and brakes, while both can pedal. With the Twinny, you have a high seating position, providing both cyclists with a good overview. Learn more about the Twinny tandem on the product page.

View the Twinny


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