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Dutch Tandem bike

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Dutch tandem bike

The typical Holland bike as a tandem? That sounds great! Van Raam is a manufacturer of various adapted bikes in Holland, including tandems. In the assortment of Van Raam there are different types of Dutch tandems for adults and children. Read more about the Van Raam Dutch tandem bikes here.

Video: Dutch tandem

Get a first impression of our Dutch tandem bikes in our following videos. In the first video you can see our two and three wheel tandems with two people sitting behind each other. In the second video you can see our Fun2Go parallel tandem, where two people can ride bikes side by side. 

Van Raam tandems from Holland

Van Raam is a manufacturer of adapted tandems in Holland. The dutch tandem bike from Van Raam is available in different versions. You can communicate well with each other while cycling and at the same time benefit from exercise in the fresh air. The various tandems are also used as therapeutic bikes, because in addition to healthy exercise there is also intensive interpersonal contact. 

There are the following different types of tandems in the Van Raam assortment:  

Two-wheel tandem

On a Van Raam two-wheel tandem, the bicycle has one wheel in the front and one wheel in the back. Van Raam has two different two-wheel tandem models.

  • The Twinny: On this tandem with two wheels two adults can sit behind each other.

  • The Kivo: On this two-wheeled tandem, a child and an adult person can sit behind each other, with the child sitting in the front.

Dutch tandem bike

Three wheel tandem

A three-wheel tandem has, as the word actually says, three wheels. At Van Raam, three-wheeled tandems have one wheel in the front and two wheels in the back. In the assortment there are two tandems with three wheels where you sit behind each other.

  • The Twinny Plus: Like the Twinny, two adults can sit behind each other on this tandem. The difference is that the Twinny Plus has three wheels instead of two.

  • The Kivo Plus: Here, a child and an adult can sit behind each other and ride a bicycle like on the Kivo.The difference is that the Kivo Plus has three wheels instead of two.

Dutch tandem three wheel tandem

Side by side tandem

In addition to tandems where you cycle one after the other, Van Raam also has a tandem in its assortment where you can cycle side by side, the Fun2Go.

The Fun2Go has another special feature, because a FunTrain, side by side bike trailer can be optionally attached to the Fun2Go, so that two more people can ride the bike at the same time.

Take a closer look at all tandems on their individual product pages.

Van Raam tandems

Dutch tandem bike side by side tandem
Fun2Go with protection screen

Van Raam manufactures individually for you

Due to the low entrance height or the complete lack of an entrance as well as the various options, the tandems are often used with people who are no longer able to ride a bike on their own. There are numerous possibilities to design the tandem according to your wishes. All bicycles are manufactured in the factory in Varsseveld, one of the cleanest and most intelligent factories in the Netherlands. Here you can also try out all bikes and all tandems on the bike test track.
Van Raam wants to offer sustainable and contemporary mobility to as many people as possible. We believe that people will be happier if they are mobile and independent for longer. Our slogan is not without a reason: ‘Let’s all cycle!’

Learn more about Van Raam on the page "About us".

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