Gunda Krauss cycles on her Easy Rider tricycle


Book about a bike tour of 1200 kilometers on the Easy Rider tricycle

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Gunda Krauss cycles on her Easy Rider tricycle

In 2009, the then 70-year-old Gunda Krauss from Germany cycled on her three-wheeled bicycle Easy Rider from Munich to Rügen. This trip was more than 1200 kilometers and together with her dog Sauser, this trip took 49 days. For several years, Gunda has been working to write a book about this adventurous journey. With the help of crowdfunding, Gunda hopes to raise money so that is possible to release her book in the summer of 2018.

Gunda Krauss and her Easy Rider

Gunda cycled 1262 kilometers on the Easy Rider tricycle by Van Raam. The trip was from Munich to Rügen and Gunda’s dog sat in a basket on the tricycle. It was a dream of Gunda to make a bike tour and this dream came true when she heard about the Easy Rider tricycle. This electric tricycle has changed the life of Gunda completely.

Gunda has a hip replacement and cannot cycle on a regular bike. The Easy Rider is a comfortable tricycle with a low sitting position and a seat with back support, which gives Gunda a safe and secure feeling. Thanks to the electric pedal support it was also feasible for Gunda to make this long bicycle tour.

Gunda Krauss cycles on her Easy Rider tricycle
Gunda Krauss with her Easy Rider tricycle (Photo: Tobias Hase / Green City)

Book about an adventurous journey and life experience

During her adventurous cycling trip in 2009, Gunda came into contact with a lot of people. Gunda was asked and inspired by these people to write down her experiences. Even when Gunda was back home after her trip, she often met people who felt she had to write her story. Gunda started writing her book and got help from two co-authors.

To publish the book, money is needed. February 26th started the crowdfunding to finance the book of Gunda Krauss. The goal of the crowdfunding is 12,500 euros, than the book can be printed with a beautiful design, the publisher can be paid and the book will be published. The campaign lasts until April 9, Gunda hopes she will have the right amount of money by that time.

Are you interested in Gunda's book and do you want to support her campaign? Go to the crowdfunding page of Gunda Krauss.

Gunda about her campaign

Gunda Krauss tells (in German) about the reason for the crowdfunding campaign in the video below. She hopes she will raise enough money to publish her book.

Easy Rider tricycle

The Easy Rider is a comfortable tricycle for adults.

Check out the Easy Rider


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