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Barrier-free cycling routes for everyone

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Fun2Go side by side tandem bike with standard 8 gears

On many bike paths, you may encounter challenging barriers, such as bollards on a bike path that prevent passage with adapted bicycles. This article discusses barrier-free bike routes, featuring wide paths without obstacles.

Barrier-free bike paths

A common problem during cycling trips is encountering barriers on bike paths where it's difficult or even impossible to pass with vehicles like tricycles or tandem bicycles. For instance, narrow paths pose a challenge, or gaps between bollards may be too tight for the bike's width. Zigzag fences that block passage for (adapted) bicycles can also be very frustrating. Another issue includes high road or path thresholds. Additionally, sandy roads with deep potholes are challenging to navigate.

For people with disabilities, encountering obstacles along the way can be particularly challenging. This includes individuals who have visual impairments, hearing impairments, balance issues, or those who use adapted bicycles for other reasons.

Bike routes

Fortunately, more and more bike routes are being created where you can cycle well with an adapted bike. In the Netherlands, for example, there are 'special routes'. These routes pass through beautiful, green areas and include quiet roads, clear intersections, and few to no difficult obstacles. These routes are spread throughout the Netherlands and have varying lengths. There are also special routes for duo bicycles and tricycles. These routes are free from obstacles and have wider bike paths. Along the special route in Delfzijl, designed specifically for adapted bikes, you can also find charging stations for bicycles and a disabled-accessible toilet.

Tricycle routes

In North-Holland and Overijssel, in the Netherlands, there are also routes for tricycles. These routes have wide bike paths without barriers, are not very long and pass through beautiful surroundings. These routes start at bicycle rental shops, where tricycles or duo bicycles are also available for rent.

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Nature park Hohe Mark

In Germany, there are also barrier-free bike routes. In the Hohe Mark Nature park for example, you can find the Hohe Mark 'Radroute', a route of 280 km through the nature park. This route has been awarded 4 stars by the ADFC (General German Bicycle Club). A part of this route includes routes that are suitable for everyone. These nature routes are specially designed for people with disabilities and/or cycling on an adapted bike. While cycling these routes, you don't have to worry about unexpected obstacles. For each route, reliable signs are available providing information about things like bollards, slopes, or unprotected intersections. This way, you can determine in advance whether a particular route suits you. Along the way, you will encounter beautiful landscapes and various points of interest. In this park, bikes from Van Raam are available for rent at various locations. On their website, you can find more information about the routes.

Nature park Hohe Mark

Renting Van Raam bicycles

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