a threshold ramp for my van raam special needs bike


A threshold ramp for a Van Raam special needs bike

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a threshold ramp for my van raam special needs bike

You probably come across them from time to time: thresholds you just can't cross. This can be annoying and sometimes even cause dangerous situations. In this article we will tell you all about the threshold ramp.

What is a threshold ramp?

A threshold ramp is a tool that can be used to overcome the distance between the ground and the threshold or obstacle. This can be in the house, but also around the house for example to drive into the garage, in a company or institution or even outside to enter the sidewalk. You no longer have to lift your physical aid and you avoid getting stuck, which reduces the risk of falling and annoyance.

For whom is a threshold ramp suitable?

For people with a physical aid it is sometimes difficult to get inside: houses or companies are not always wheelchair accessible. A threshold ramp can help you with this.

a threshold ramp for my van raam special needs bike
Van Raam special needs bike with and without a threshold ramp

A threshold ramp is not only available for wheelchair users, but also for people with, for example, a walker, a walking frame, a mobility scooter or people with a (special needs) bicycle

Threshold ramp for a Van Raam special needs bike

In general, all Van Raam bicycles are suitable for threshold ramps, but just as there are differences in the weight, width and material of the bicycles, there are also differences in the weight, width and material of threshold ramps. We use the threshold ramps from www.drempelhulpen.com as a guideline.

Is the weight of the bike an objection?

A threshold ramp is made to make a space accessible, the weight of the physical aid does not matter. Even heavier vehicles such as a car or forklift truck are no problem for a threshold ramp. So you can easily ride a special needs Van Raam bicycle over a threshold ramp.

Do I have to take the width of the bike into account?

When purchasing a threshold ramp for a Van Raam special needs bike it is important to take the width of the bike into account. For example, a Van Raam tricycle has a maximum width of 75 cm, but a Fun2Go side-by-side tandem is a lot wider and has a width of 113 cm. For wider bikes for example, you could link two threshold ramps together to achieve the desired width.

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Different kinds of threshold ramps

Drempelhulpen.com has several threshold ramps, each with its own characteristics. You can think of different types of threshold ramps:

  • A rubber threshold ramp, a threshold ramp made of aluminium or a threshold ramp made of plastic;

  • An inside or outside threshold ramp;

  • A permanent or movable threshold ramp;

  • A one-sided, two-sided or three-sided threshold ramp.

Which threshold ramp is suitable for me?

It may be a bit difficult to determine which threshold ramp is best for you. For example, it is a good idea to think about if the threshold aid is only used for your Van Raam bike, or also for other physical aids. In addition, it is important to look at how high the threshold is that you need to cross and measure the threshold first, to make sure you order the right threshold ramp.

rubber threshold ramp tricycle van raam
Maxi tricycle with rubber threshold ramp

Price and reimbursement of a threshold ramp

The price of a threshold ramp can vary a lot. For example, you have threshold ramp for a 10 euro, but also threshold ramps for a few hundred euro. Are you looking for an inexpensive threshold ramp? Then the budget threshold ramp can be a solution. The budget threshold ramp has a small raised edge at the front. For large wheels like on aVan Raam bicycle this is no problem. A threshold ramp can possibly be reimbursed by your municipality or insurance. This depends on your situation and the country where you live. You can ask your municipality or insurance for more information.

Do you need help finding the right threshold ramp?

Maybe you already have an idea for a suitable threshold ramp based on this information. If you still can't quite figure it out, or would you like to receive more information or personal advice? Feel free to contact drempelhulpen.com (Roege International) by calling 0031 (0)592-344716 or sending an email to info@drempelhulpen.com.

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