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5 Tips to prevent bike theft

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Van Raam VeloPlus wheelchair transport bike lock

Unfortunately, bike thieves often find your bike as beautiful as you do. Both at home and on the go, you want to prevent theft of your adapted bike. Want to know how to reduce the risk of theft? Discover 5 tips against bike theft in this article.

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Tip 1: Preventing bike theft by always locking your bike

Using a good lock is obviously essential, but not everyone uses a good lock. Your Van Raam bike comes with a standard lock, but it never hurts to secure your bike with an additional chain when you're out and about. Make it even more difficult for thieves by attaching the lock as high as possible. This makes it harder to break or cut through the lock. Always secure your lock or chain to a fixed object that thieves cannot move, such as a pole.

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Tip 2: Don't leave your bike in the dark in an unlit area

In the evening and at night, when it's dark, your bike is more susceptible to theft. There's no supervision on the bike then, but bike thieves will still manage to find it. Therefore, try to always store your bike indoors, as it's the safest place for it. If it's not possible to store your bike indoors, place your adapted bike in a well-lit area with passersby when it's dark. This way, there's more supervision on your bike, reducing the chance of bicycle theft.

Tip 3: Always use a bike storage facility if possible

Putting your bike in a bike storage facility is always the best option to prevent bicycle theft in public. Want to be extra cautious? Then park your bike in a guarded bike storage. No storage facility nearby? Place your bike in an area with surveillance cameras or where there are many people. This deters bike thieves. It's also important to store your bike properly at home. Read more tips for storing your bike in the article '7 tips for storing your Van Raam special needs bike'.

Tips to store your bike

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Tip 4: Ensure you have a good lock on the door of your shed or storage area

Not only while using your bike, but also when your bike is at home in the shed or storage area, it is vulnerable to bicycle theft. Therefore, make sure that when you place your bike in a closed environment, you do so with a good lock on the door of your shed or storage area.

Tip 5: Insure your adapted bike against theft

Your adapted bike is often even more valuable than a standard bike, and many of them are equipped with pedal support, further increasing the risk of bicycle theft. Therefore, we recommend considering whether you want to insure your bike against theft and damage. Learn more about insuring your adapted bike on the 'Insurance' page.

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