Mobile Outdoor Evolution

Van Raam Premium Dealer

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127 N Main Street
WI 53066 Oconomowoc

Moboevo, founded in 2018 in Oconomowoc, WI is a specialty retailer in the personal transportation and outdoor recreation market. Moboevo curates products that help their customers be more sustainable and change the way people move.

Moboevo’s product curation purpose led them to a partnership with Spinov8 Distribution and Van Raam who share common passions on reliability, sustainability, and adaptive cycling technology for all abilities.Through adaptive and quality cycling technology created by Van Raam and efficient Spinov8 Distribution, our shared passions are made possible. Moboevo aims to promote Van Raam as we strive to be a sustainable and reliable partner in retail, set-up, maintenance, and adjustment activities in southeastern and northeastern Wisconsin. We seek formats that provide Van Raam customers with innovative and unique experience offerings. To support customers of all means we emphasize the support of contemporary financial and crowdfunding programs.