More than 10 years ago, I ended up at Van Raam via the internet. I just had a few knee operations and cycling on a regular bike was not possible anymore. Through the Municipality I received a small contribution for a bicycle. I then tried some bikes at two different companies, but I chose for a Van Raam bicycle. There was also someone from the Municipality when I went to Van Raam to try out bicycles. At Van Raam I found out that the Balance bike was the right bike for me. I cycled a lot on this bike. The last year I had this bike, we cycled 20 kilometers per day for 6 days a week. In this last year of my first Balance bike, Welzorg (supplier of medical devices) has maintained the bike via the Municipality. I am very satisfied with the service provided by the Welzorg technicians. They are good at their profession and are aware of the new developments of the Van Raam bicycles. Eventually a part of the engine was broken and I was ready for a new bike. A fit of the bike was then no longer necessary. I knew that I wanted a Balance again, because I like this bike very well. Via the Municipality Apeldoorn and Welzorg I now have my new bike on loan; I pay a contribution per month for my bike.

I have had my new Balance for almost two months now and I use my bike every day. I try to cycle a distance of 20 kilometers per day, 6 times a week, the same amount I did with my previous bike. If I cycle a lot, I feel less pain and I feel much fitter. I also like to cycle, so I'm lucky. I have the original steering wheel replaced for a larger steering wheel, I can now better reach the steering wheel and the handles are closer to me.

In the beginning I had some problems with the app. My mobile was not connecting with the bike and they thought it was caused by my cell phone. I visited Van Raam in Varsseveld. It turned out that the frame number was not linked to the bike, so the application on my mobile did not recognize the bike. The problem was then solved. I also received a guided tour at Van Raam. It was really nice to see the factory, really beautiful. I am surprised at how much is done by hand. It is fantastic, that a Dutch company has grown so beautiful. I also use the app a lot now, I like the app especially because I can see how much power and how much percentage the battery still has. The bicycle has three positions. I cycle in support mode 2, this is the comfortable position. This works completely fine for me.

My bike is very good, it is also the only one of its kind. This bike is ideal because I can stand with both feet on the ground at the traffic lights and because there is a low entry.

It is just a nice bike to cycle on.

Wil Meijer - Apeldoorn
Type: Balance