Van Raam wheelchairbike VeloPlus over the years

For many years now Van Raam is specialized in special need bikes and one of these bikes is the VeloPlus wheelchairbike. The Van Raam wheel-chair bikes are used to enable a wheelchair dependent person to travel by cycle. Van Raam has two models of wheel-chair bikes: the VeloPlus wheelchair transport bike and the OPair wheel-chair bike. 

The brand new VeloPlus wheelchair bike

At Van Raam we are constantly working to improve and innovate our special needs bikes. Recently we renewed the VeloPlus with new design, improved driving experience and improved functions. You can find here all the information about the new VeloPlus. The launch of a new model bike is always a good time to look back to earlier models.

1992: The first VeloPlus 

In the year 1992 the first VeloPlus wheelchair bike developed by Van Raam entered the market. Van Raam was still based in Aalten. So now it is almost 25 years ago that we started with the VeloPlus. The O-Pair wheelchair bike is even older. We searched our archives and found some really nice pictures of the VeloPlus over the years:

Video of the different models:

first ever wheelchair bike

The first VeloPlus in 1992

wheelchair bike 1992

The wheelchair bike in 1992

veloplus 1993 van Raam

A new version in 1993

further developed VeloPlus

The futher developed VeloPlus

wheelchair bike VeloPlus 2

The VeloPlus 2

wheelchair bike

The VeloPlus2 with a new plateau:

newest wheelchair bike

The brand new VeloPlus wheelchair bike3 (2016)

For more information, the technical specifications and the pricelist of the new Veloplus wheelchair bike, visit the special VeloPlus webpage.

Wheelchair bike OPair over the years

In addition to the VeloPlus wheelchair transport bike, Van Raam also has the OPair wheelchair bike. Are you curious how this wheelchair bike has developed? Then read 'Van Raam wheelchair bike OPair over the years'.