Van Raam Fun2Go duo bike rental in Bielefeld Germany

The SattelBar in Bielefeld is part of the neighborhood café in the activity center. Together with "Fahrräder bewegen Bielefeld" (Bicycles Move Bielefeld) they are a rental station, small repair shop, social meeting point, and place for information about mobility. Learn more about this and the Fun2Go duo bike in this article.

Van Raam Fun2Go duo bike rental in Bielefeld Germany

Offering mobility and renting a tandem in Bielefeld

The Fun2Go duo bike is available for rent. In addition to the Fun2Go side by side tandem you can also rent two cargo bikes. To rent the Fun2Go you will be asked to pay 30 Euro per bike.
The bike rental is twice a month. The appointments are from 13:00 - 15:00 o'clock. For exact dates see the website of Fahrräder bewegen Bielefeld (in German).

The SattelBar and its project

At the SattelBar in Bielefeld you can rent the Fun2Go side by side tandem or get in touch with the garage of "Fahrräder bewegen Bielefeld e.V.", listen to lectures on mobility and travel or even hold them yourself, make new contacts and more.
The SattelBar wants to help handicapped people to new mobility with the activity center Meinolfstraße of the AWO and „Fahrräder bewegen Bielefeld“.
The money raised by renting out the bikes is a contribution to the development of the neighborhood and enhances the quality of life in the surrounding area.

Fun2Go duo bike rental in Bielefeld Van Raam
Rent Van Raam Fun2Go side by side tandem in Bielefeld
rent in Bielefeld Van Raam Fun2Go duo bike
"Helping disabled people achieve new mobility."

The Fun2Go duo bike

The Fun2Go The Fun2Go is a duo bike where you cycle side by side. So both cyclists have a good view and the possibility to have a good conversation

Also, the cyclists can get on the bike and sit down without getting on it. The three wheels of the tandem offer special stability and in connection with the parking brake the bike does not roll forward or backward when getting on and off the bike.  

Make yourself a picture and watch the videos of the test winner trike tandem below.

Read more about the unique riding characteristics of the dyo bike Fun2Go. On the product page you can see more specifications, the price list and also which options are available.



Advantages of the Fun2Go

  • No entry

  • Stepless seat adjustment

  • One person steers, everyone can pedal 
  • Perfect attention to the passenger


  • Test winner

  • Good communication due to adjacent seating positions 

  • Easy to steer 

  • Stable and robust


Van Raam bike rental

Did you know that you can rent an adapted bike from Van Raam or a Van Raam dealer? Find a possible renting location on our dealer locator page.  

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