Van Raam trikes testing at the Hoge Veluwe
Exploring the National Park by bike

Tricycles tested in a Dutch National Park with British end user Henry

At the end of August our colleague Marnix and Henry, an English end user of a Van Raam tricycle, made a nice trip to the Dutch National Park De Hoge Veluwe with the Easy Sport and the Easy Rider tricycles. In this article you can read how important the special needs bike is for Henry and see how the two cycling enthusiasts have experienced this day.


Van Raam
Henry during his visit to Van Raam in Varsseveld

The acquaintance between Henry and Van Raam

Henry and Marnix first met 6 years ago at a fair in the United Kingdom. Henry has his own company and he therefore regularly goes to Germany. On his way to Germany, he regularly visits Van Raam in Varsseveld, the Netherlands.

When he visits us, he likes to share his experiences about the tricycle Easy Rider and he follows the developments at Van Raam with interest. When Marnix and Henry met recently at the Hoge Veluwe, they agreed to make a bike trip together. Henry on his Easy Rider and Marnix on his Easy Sport. And they did..

Vast forests and soothing landscapes

Henry, from the United Kingdom, discovered the Van Raam bikes a few years ago at the National Park De Hoge Veluwe. He then started cycling on a Maxi tricycle with a high seating position. Eventually he switched to the Easy Rider tricycle. The lower seating position gave him even more stability while cycling.
Meanwhile, Henry already has his second Easy Rider. About 4 times a year he comes to the Hoge Veluwe because cycling there is so soothing, and the landscapes are so totally varied. Henry also goes to the Black Forest in Germany several weeks a year, there he cycles for days through the vast forests.

Henry likes to cycle fast, this was also shown on his speedometer. Henry cycled 51 km per hour as he went down the mountain in the Black Forest on his Easy Rider. Marnix and Henry did not reach this speed on the Hoge Veluwe, but together they enjoyed the beautiful hilly setting there.

Exploring nature by Van Raam tricycle
Being independent and being surrounded by nature

"The Van Raam bikes give me back my freedom and independence"

Henry uses his wheelchair, bicycle or car for his mobility. The bicycle, however, gives him the most satisfaction. It is important for his physical condtion to move, also to prevent his legs from getting stiff. But he gets the most satisfaction from the fact that he can visit places by bike that are otherwise difficult to reach for him by himself. He states that, according to him, this factor even gives the greatest contribution to his health.

Testing 3 wheel bikes at the Hoge Veluwe

In this video you see Marnix and Henry cycling on the Hoge Veluwe. Henry is cycling on the Easy Rider tricycle and Marnix on the sporty Easy Sport tricycle.

Cycling at Hoge Veluwe met adaptive bike
Nice bicycle paths at National Park De Hoge Veluwe

Do you also want to test Van Raam bicycles at De Hoge Veluwe?

Henry and Marnix enjoyed the beautiful weather and the great surroundings of De Hoge Veluwe, the bikes are both well tested and compared. After cycling more than 60 kilometers at the National Park, Marnix cycled to his home in Arnhem with a standard battery. Henry has a battery with double capacity and he continued to cycle at the Hoge Veluwe.
Do you also want to ride a tricycle or other adaptive bike after reading this article? That is possible.
There are several Van Raam bikes on loan at National Park De Hoge Veluwe. It concerns the following bikes: the Easy Rider with pedal assistance, a number of OPair wheelchair bicycles with pedal assistance, a number of VeloPlus wheelchair transport bicycles, tandems and a Viktor tricycle (this bike has two wheels at the front). Pay attention; do not forget to reserve these bikes in advance, this to avoid disappointment.
In May 2020, bicycles were delivered again to the Hoge Veluwe National Park. Read all about this in the article 'New Van Raam bicycles delivered to Park Hoge Veluwe'.

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Cycling at National Park De Hoge Veluwe
Easy Rider tricycle

Easy Rider tricycle

Would you like to know more about the Easy Rider tricycle with tillersteer that Henry rode?

Easy Rider
Van Raam

Easy Sport recumbent tricycle

Would you like to know more about the sporty Easy Sport tricycle with understeer that Marnix rode?

Easy Sport