Trailer to transport a special needs bike

With your special needs bike you can make a bike ride in your own area. Sometimes you also want to cycle in a different environment or other country, which is too far to cycle. With a special trailer or roof-top carrier for special needs bicycles, mounted on your car, you can take your bike with you. At Van Raam we do not have trailers or roof-top carriers in our assortment. We do know some suppliers where you can purchase these trailers. You can find these in our article.

Why a special trailer for a special needs bike?

A 'normal' trailer or bicycle carrier is often not suitable for a special needs bicycle. This is because a special needs (electric) bicycle soon becomes too heavy. If you still want to take your bike with you on a trailer, it is important to purchase or rent a special trailer. This trailer is specially made to transport a special needs bike, the bike is well secured and can be safely transported.

Trailer for tricycle allround hecktraeger

Weight of the trailer on the tow bar

You can attach a trailer for a (special needs bike) bike to the tow bar of your car. Every trailer should have a type-approval according to European legislation. This type-approval indicates with which nose weight the tow bar can be ballasted in resting position. This maximum downward pressure is called nose weight and must not be exceeded. When the maximum nose weight is exceeded you are in default. You can get a fine for this, but it can also have consequences for your insurance cover.
Most cars have a maximum nose weight of 50 kg, some larger cars have a nose weight of 75 kg and some smaller cars sometimes less than 50 kg. If you have two electric bikes on a bike carrier, you will soon reach a nose weight of 60 kg. A too high nose weight is not good for the suspension and the tow bar of the car. The driving comfort and steering convenience is reduced and / or the bicycle carrier / trailer can swing on the tow bar. (source:
With a special trailer the weight you can divide the weight over the clutch and the sprung axle, the center of gravity is on the trailer and not on the tow bar. The bicycle(s) can then be safely transported.

Suppliers of trailers for trikes and side by side tandems

There are various (Dutch) suppliers who specialize in supplying custom trailers or roof-top carriers for your tricycle, wheelchair bike, recumbent bike or tandem. With some suppliers it is also possible to rent the special trailer. If you have a supplier of trailers for special needs bikes in your country, please sent an email to

1. Trailer for Easy Rider tricycle and Fun2Go side-by-side tandem at Care4More

At you can order a special trailer for an Easy Rider and a Fun2Go.

2. Trailer for tricyles and Fun2Go side by side tandems at awa-aanhangwagens

At you can order special trailers for tricycles and Fun2Go.

3. Trailer for tricycles and scooter bike at Scoot2Be

At you can order special trailers for your tricycle or scooter bike.

4. Trailer tricycles, Fun2Go side by side tandem scooterbike at Servicestation De Roos

At you can order special trailers for your tricycle, Fun2Go and scooter bike. You can also rent trailers.

5. Trailer for the Fun2Go and scooter bike at Recreatie

At you can order a special trailer for your Fun2Go and scooter bike. At Recreaties you can also rent a special trailer.

6. Trailer for a tricycle

At Pater Aanhanger Service (PAS) you can get a trailer for a tricycle. They make the trailer apiece. There’s a possibility for different kinds of bikes for one trailer. For example 2 tricycles, 1 tricycle with 1 regular bike, or a tandem bike with 2 regular bikes.

These links can also be found on the page 'Options of third parties and other links', here are also more products that are useful for your special needs bike.

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Trailer with an Easy Rider

Easy Rider tricycle on a trailer by Allround Hecktraeger.


Side by side tandem Fun2Go on a trailer by Recreaties.


Easy Rider tricycle on a trailer by Allround Hecktraeger.


A trailer for the side by side tandem Fun2Go.


A trailer made by PAS with the tricycle Easy Rider and a regular bike with two wheels.


Trailer for Van Raam Easy Rider tricycle by Care4More.


Roof-top carrier for tricycle

It is also possible to transport a tricycle with a roof-top carrier. Prasolux in Germany has a rooftop-carrier suitable for a Van Raam tricycle.

View the Prasolux website for more information.


Storage of the special needs bikes trailer

A trailer for a special needs bike can take up a lot of space. You just have to have this kind of  space, for example in a barn.
With the trailers of Recreaties, storage is no problem. With the Vertical Storage System you can store the trailer vertically and you need at least 80% less storage space.