The different colours of the Easy Rider tricycle

The Van Raam Easy Rider adult tricycle has a modern design. Part of this modern design is the frame colour of the Easy Rider. Read more about the possible frame colours of the Easy Rider tricycle here.

Van Raam Easy Rider tricycle for adults in standard colour Granite Grey
Easy Rider in (RAL 7026) Granite grey

Standard colour of the Easy Rider adult tricycle

The standard frame colour of the Easy Rider tricycle is (RAL 7026) Granite Grey. Granite Grey is an earthy colour. This dark grey colour even looks dark green in certain light. A modern, but subtle colour that does not get boring quickly.

The standard frame colour is combined with black parts, such as the front fork, chain hose and rear axis. This really draws the attention to the frame and makes the bike look even shorter, despite the fact that this tricycle with seat is slightly longer than the average bike.

What really stands out from the standard frame colour is the bright green accent colour, which is reflected in the brake cable, stickers and quick release straps.

Van Raam Easy Rider tricycle for adults in colour Window grey

Easy Rider in (RAL 7040) Window grey

Van Raam Easy Rider tricycle for adults in colour Yellow orange matt

Easy Rider in (RAL 2000) Yellow orange matt

2 optional colours Easy Rider

Besides (RAL 7026) Granite grey you can choose between two other optional colours chosen by Van Raam. These colours can be ordered with a small extra charge. These are the two optional colours:

  • (RAL 7040) Window grey

This colour is a subtle, light grey. In combination with the black accent colour, this colour stands out. The carrier straps are striped and in black and white.

  • (RAL 2000) Yellow orange matt​

The Easy Rider tricycle with Yellow orange frame colour is a noticeable bicycle. This matt colour gives the Easy Rider a sporty appearance.  Besides the bright frame, black stickers and parts have been chosen, such as the front fork and rear axis. The accent colour of the brake cable and straps is, just like the frame, orange.

Van Raam Easy Rider tricycle in a RAL colour of your choice

Easy Rider tricycle in another colour

Besides the 3 possible colours Van Raam has chosen for the Easy Rider, a different colour is also an option. Do you want your Easy Rider tricycle in a different, self chosen colour? Then it is possible to choose a colour out of almost 200 possible RAL-colours for a surcharge.

For a RAL colour of your choice, the Easy Rider frame will always get grey or black stickers. Van Raam chooses the most suitable colour, this differs per frame colour. The brake cable is always black and the straps are black and white striped.

Read more about RAL colours in the article 'A Van Raam bicycle in a colour of your choice'.

Easy Rider in a colour of your choice

Read more about the Easy Rider adult tricycle

The Easy Rider is Van Raam's third generation tricycle with a seat. This tricycle has a unique frame, with a lower center of gravity. It is very easy to cycle with the Easy Rider, even if you have never ridden a tricycle before. On the product page of the Easy Rider you find all information, such as specifications and you can watch photos and videos.

Product page Easy Rider
Try an Easy Rider tricycle for adults at Van Raam or a dealer

View and try out an Easy Rider

Are you curious how to cycle with the Easy Rider or do you want to see the 3 frame colours in real life? This is possible during a test ride at Van Raam. During an appointment at Van Raam's showroom in Varsseveld (the Netherlands) you will get advice from a technical advisor and you will have the opportunity to try out different bikes and models.

Afterwards, you will receive an obligation-free quotation to take home with you, which you can use to order the bicycle from a Van Raam dealer. At some dealers it is also possible to make a test ride, please contact your local dealer for more information.

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