Test recumbent tandem trike

This independent user test of the Fun2Go recumbent tandem trike shows very clearly how users experience the Fun2Go side by side tandem trike from Van Raam.
This tandem where you sit side by side is used for various purposes, such as: cycling with adisability, cycling with a visual impairment, cycling with balance disorders or other circumstances in which one is no longer able to cycle independently. In addition to this, there are people who use this tandem bike because they like to cycle next to each other and find this more enjoyable.

Sponsored tandem trike

A lot of creative options are possible when purchasing a duo tandem trike. The tandem trike can be sponsored by a company with a jubilee, the local Rotary pays for it, sporting events with sponsorship etc etc.. Experience shows that the (local) press almost always writes an article with a photo of the tandem trike and the sponsor. If you also attach a sign from the sponsor to on the special needs bike,all parties are satisfied with the purchase of the bicycle. This positive promotion will bear fruit for years.

For some examples of the sponsored tandem trike Fun2Go please have a look at our facebookpage.

First have a look at how users experience this recumbent tandem trike.