Special custom fit stand up tricycle

All of Van Raam’s bicycles are manufactured to order and can be equipped with various features and accessories. Sometimes Van Raam does not have a suitable bicycle for one of its customers and so a special custom made bicycle is designed and manufactured.

Electric stand up tricycle

Jan-Willem Tornij, one of Van Raam’s engineers, has designed a very special tricyle for Mr. Numeier. Because Numeier is not able to bend his back, Tornij designed and made him a tricycle on which he can stand up straight. A throttle allows him to ride forwards and backwards electrically. The tricyle is equipped with direction indicators and the bike’s lock is placed in such a way that Mr. Numeier can reach for it without having to stoop. The tricycle can be operated with one hand.

Design special stand up tricycle
Image: Design of special tricycle in 3D design software Solid Works

Last test: ‘biking’ while standing up straight

After the design was finished the tricycle was manufactured in our own factory in Varsseveld. Before the powder coating was applied Mr. Numeier came to our showroom to try out the tricycle. This we call a ‘rough-state fitting’. During the appointment Stefan Heusinkveld checked to see if the bicycle was was in order and the last details were talked through.

Test ride on special stand up tricycle
Photo: The custom made tricycle was tested during the ‘rough-state fitting’

Last test: ‘biking’ while standing up straight

After the last fitting the bicycle was disassembled and the last changes were made to it. After this the frame was powder coated with the right color and reassembled. Before delivering the tricycle to Mr. Numeier, Jan-Willem drove one extra round through Varsseveld.

Jan-Willem Tornij makes one extra test round
Photo: Jan-Willem Tornij drives one extra test round

Tesla of the bicycles

Electric stand up tricycle

Jan-Willem Tornij and Stefan Heusinkveld (Van Raam employees) went over to Mr. Numeier in Spijernissen to see how he likes his new tricycle and if everything is in order. Mr. Numeier is very content with his special stand up tricycle and has declared his Van Raam tricycle the Tesla of the bicycles!

End result: Mr. Numeier as dazzling center of attention on his stand up tricycle, Jan-Willem Tornij (left) and Stefan Heusinkveld (right).

In the video down below you will see how Mr. Numeijer enjoys riding his special stand up tricycle.

Electric stand up tricycle made by Van Raam

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